In this webinar series we’re shining a spotlight on how our customers leverage Haivision technology and taking a deep dive into the workflows and products they use.


Live with Fox Sports

Decentralized Remote Production for MLB and NASCAR

Whether it’s on the race track or at the ballpark, 2020 has been a challenging year for sports broadcasters. In this customer spotlight webinar, we shine a light on the remote production approach that has allowed Fox Sports to get live sports like NASCAR and MLB back on the air to meet the unquenchable thirst of sports fans.

Our guest speaker, Brad Cheney, VP Field Operations and Engineering at Fox Sports, explains the unique challenges posed by transitioning to a remote model with a distributed team and how ultra low latency and extremely reliable Haivision technology enabled the team to efficiently operate and manage its live video workflows remotely.

Watch the webinar to discover:

  • The specific challenges faced by Fox Sports for its live coverage of NASCAR and MLB
  • The benefits Fox Sports realized by adopting a remote production approach
  • How Haivision’s next-generation technologies are instrumental in taking live sports production to the next level
  • What the future holds for remote production




Brad Cheney

VP Field Operations and Engineering, Fox Sports

Brad Cheney manages the technical and operational teams for FOX Sports coverage of Major League Baseball and College Sports along with all transmission services and advanced-technology projects.

He is a leader in new technology approaches, including IP-based live and postproduction centers, IP over RF, UHD, HDR, and UAS systems. His work includes innovative production approaches and executions for IP video, in-ground audio, robotic cameras, and home run productions.

Cheney is a six-time Emmy winner and previously worked for MLB Network, Late Show with David Letterman, Game Creek Video, COX Sports and Tribune Broadcasting.


Marcus Schioler

Vice President Product Marketing, Haivision

Marcus Schioler is Haivision’s Vice President of Product Marketing. He has over 20 years of experience in technology and product development, with broad knowledge in video streaming and expertise in post-production for film and television, as well as video games. Marcus has written and presented on numerous video-related topics including enterprise streaming, remote production, and low latency video.

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