Haivision Media Platform- Work Group Edition UI


Haivision Media Platform Workgroup is a powerful IP video management solution for managing operational content and enabling critical live monitoring, recording, and aggregation of high-quality full motion video (FMV). With low latency, multi-view playback, and secure multi-site live video distribution, Haivision Media Platform Workgroup is ideally suited for command and control, situational awareness, and after action reporting.​


Designed for surveillance, tactical monitoring, command and control, as well as training and review, Haivision Media Platform Workgroup provides low latency playout of mission critical video and high-quality recording with live review for enhanced situational awareness and real-time intelligence and decision making.


Understand conditions in real-time so that appropriate alerts and actions can be coordinated. Haivision Media Platform Workgroup offers extensive options for watching situations as they happen, as well as tools for pausing live motion imagery, scrubbing back to, and replaying earlier moments, and quickly sharing with teams as needed – all while continuing to record incoming video feeds. With secure low latency viewing options for TV monitors, desktop browsers, and mobile devices, authorized viewers can closely monitor events as they are unfolding.


When executing tactical operations in training or active deployments, commanders need information that gives them the best possible picture of what is happening at any given time in order to make informed and effective decisions. Haivision Media Platform Workgroup provides highly scalable video recording capable of aggregating hundreds of live full motion video sources. The solution displays multiple live streams simultaneously, ensuring operations are supported with timely, real-time imagery.


Debriefing tactical events after they take place is necessary to improve future performance. Haivision Media Platform features include: hotmarking live video for later recall, metadata tagging for classification, and supports trimming and clipping video. The platform simplifies the process of aggregating video content across hundreds of recorded video feeds, so that they can be easily shared with key stakeholders for assessment, planning, and action.


Highly Secure Icon

Highly Secure

Adheres to stringent security standards and frameworks

High Capacity Icon

High-Capacity Video Recording

Record up to 200 video sources simultaneously

Multiview icon

Multi-View Live Streaming Playback

View up to four simultaneous streams in a browser or more in a COP video wall

Low Latency Icon

Low Latency Delivery

Accelerate response time with near real-time delivery to the browser

Multisite Distribution icon

Multisite Distribution

Efficiently distribute live and on-demand video between locations

Editing Tools Icon

Advanced Editing Tools

Quickly and easily trim, clip, hotmark, tag, and annotate video

High Availability Icons

High Availability

For mission critical deployments, maintain uptime and minimize risk of system failure

Live Review Playback

Live Review Playback

Time-shifted playout and editing of recordings in progress


Adhering to the most stringent security methodologies and frameworks (including STIG/NIST), and offering integration into enterprise IT systems, Haivision Media Platform Workgroup is a powerful video platform that can scale up recording and playback of video from tens to hundreds of simultaneous sources, while aligning with organizational policies for user authentication and video streaming across internal networks.


A trusted provider of advanced video streaming and distribution technology from encoders and transcoders, through Haivision Media Platform Workgroup, and all the way to playback on desktops, set-top-boxes, and mobile devices, Haivision provides a complete solution.

Haivision Media Platform add-ons and viewing options include: