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Welcome to the Haivision Video Wall Ecosystem

In an age where information is power, the ability to visualize data in a comprehensive and organized manner is becoming increasingly essential. Defense organizations, government and public safety agencies, and many other industries recognize the value of real-time situational awareness to enhance decision-making processes.

In this blog post, we give an overview of Haivision’s Video Wall ecosystem and how it helps create a common operating picture for public safety, enterprise, government, and defense organizations.

From software to video processing to encoding and portable options, Haivision provides the complete solution for your mission-critical video wall needs.

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Haivision Command 360 Video Wall Software: Unleash the Power of Visualization

At the core of Haivision’s offering is the Command 360 video wall software, a solution that delivers user-friendly visualization of critical data in operation and command centers. Command 360 offers a consolidated view of diverse data streams, enabling a more comprehensive understanding of events as they unfold. The platform facilitates seamless collaboration among different users, with instant access to real-time data that empowers operators and responders to make informed decisions with accuracy and precision.

Haivision Command 360 Video Wall Technology in a Command Center setting

Haivision Command 360 Video Wall Technology in a Command Center setting

High-Performance Video Processing

Designed to deliver unparalleled video quality and flexibility in operation and command centers, the Alpha FX series of video processors deliver advanced encoding and decoding capabilities. The Haivision video processors are the ultimate solution for operation center personnel to route and display video wall content from virtually any signal format or device. The result? The power, control, and flexibility you need for any mission-critical application.

Portable and Rugged Video Processing

Experience the cutting-edge of video processing for tactical operations with Haivision’s Stryke Video Processor. Designed to optimize video delivery over any network and in the harshest conditions, Stryke ensures operators in a variety of environments can share multiple video streams and images. Establish a common operating picture in the field with the ultra-mobile and rugged Stryke Video Processor.

4K Encoders and Decoders

Haivision’s 4K CineLink encoders and decoders create a flexible, scalable AV/IP platform for operation and command centers. CineLink units are easily configured and managed through Command 360, making it simple to route virtually any content source to any video wall processor or display on your network.

Display Cutting-Edge Content

Haivision also offers a seamless solution for streaming web, virtual, or locally installed content in modern control room setups – the CineAgent server. The adaptable and compact nature of CineAgent servers enables organizations to easily integrate multiple devices based on their content streaming needs. When paired with Command 360 video wall software, CineAgent servers enhance situational awareness and real-time decision-making in critical environments worldwide.

Mobile and Portable Video Wall Solutions

Engineered for tactical and mobile operations, Stryke Lightning and Haivision’s Scalable Mobile Displays offer ultimate mobility with regard to situational awareness. Our portable video walls redefine flexibility and impact, offering a versatile solution that transforms any space into an operation and command center.

Unlock Future Possibilities with a Haivision Video Wall System

From law enforcement and emergency response to government and defense to industries like financial services and technology, a common operating picture is a cornerstone of effective decision-making and coordinated response.

Haivision’s Command 360 Video Wall Solutions redefine the way information is viewed and shared within operation and command centers. By centralizing crucial information and promoting collaboration, these solutions empower agencies and organizations to tackle challenges head-on and ensure the safety and security of communities. To learn more about how our Command 360 video wall platform supports situational awareness for mission-critical environments, visit our Video Wall Solutions page.

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