Haivision Media Platform Live Review

Haivision Media Platform Now Features Live Review for Improved Mission Critical Monitoring

The latest release of Haivision’s IP video management system, Haivision Media Platform, (version 3.2) has a new feature available in preview mode: Live Review. Live Review is exactly what it sounds like, a feature that gives users the ability to interact directly with video sources in Haivision Media Platform during a live recording as opposed to only after recording is completed.

Video Management System for Mission-Critical Applications

Whether it’s for ISR platform imagery, radar systems, or launch monitoring, Haivision Media Platform  is a powerful video solution for managing operational content and enabling critical live monitoring, recording, and distribution of high-quality full-motion video. In addition to watching live events, typical uses include event archiving, content sharing, training, and after-action reporting across a variety of mission-critical workflows.

Example launch monitoring workflow

Live Review: Supporting Real-time Situational Awareness

The Live Review feature of Haivision Media Platform was a much-requested feature from customers already using HMP in the field. With DVR-style playback controls, it addresses the issue of having to wait for an entire recording to be complete before users could annotate, reassess, edit or export. Live Review extends the editing and operating features of HMP to events in progress, a critical feature for real-time situational awareness and decision-making.

As video technology in the home has become increasingly sophisticated, consumers have come to expect DVR functionality, like TiVo, to be a standard offering. This especially rings true for professionals working with video, which is why Live Review was created with the following capabilities:

  • Navigate to any point in time within the recording via the shuttle control.
  • View past recorded content of the current session using trick play operating controls such as jump to the beginning, skip forward/backward 10 seconds, variable playback speed (from 1/4x to 8x), fast forward/rewind, and jump to live.
  • Set HotMarks at any time during the recording to index selected points of interest in real-time.
  • Clip out sections of the in-progress recording on the fly.
  • Download still image snapshots of the current player position for every source in the recording.
HMP Workgoup in Action

Haivision Media Platform Live Review feature in action

Benefits of Live Review

For users who are recording events for hours at a time, such as a launch or training event, the video that’s critical is oftentimes only a few minutes long. Live Review allows users to pause live streams, scrub back in time to review or tag critical events, trim out what they need, annotate and export and then resume live playback without interrupting recording so that analysis can be applied and action taken in the moment rather than hours later.

Haivision Media Platform

Discover more about Haivision's IP video management system for mission critical applications.

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