Makito X Series: Encode to Decode with Haivision EMS

In our recent low latency 4K over IP webinar celebrating the release of the Makito X4 Decoder, our video experts gave a demo of Haivision EMS, an element management system that makes managing multiple Haivision encoders and decoders much easier, especially for large broadcast television workflows. In the latest release (1.1), Haivision EMS includes support for Haivision Makito X and X4, (including the newly released Haivision Makito X4 Decoder) as well as Makito X4 Rugged and X1 Rugged encoders for defense and ISR applications.

Here’s a recap of the key features of Haivision EMS.

Discover, Pair, and Manage

Haivision EMS allows you to quickly and easily discover Haivision Makito X, X4, and X1 devices on your IP network and pair them for robust and secure bidirectional communication. It also enables users to remotely manage multiple devices through one centralized intuitive interface. With real-time visibility of all your encoding and decoding elements, Haivision EMS makes it easy to monitor the status of paired devices (active, idle or offline) at a glance with icons indicating how many devices are in each state, allowing administrators to quickly identify and troubleshoot any performance issues.

Organize, Sort, and Filter

Haivision EMS makes organizing multiple devices across a network breeze by giving users the ability to create, customize, and assign labels to paired devices. System administrators can organize devices and keep track of critical information such as function or location through a web browser. In the live demo from the webinar, we create a 4K category to group all the 4K devices together. Device properties such as serial number, uptime, IP address, and more are all viewable from a single interface. In addition, Haivision Makito devices can be searched for, filtered, and sorted according to their properties, status, or applied labels which makes managing complex workflows and advanced systems much easier.

Remote Firmware Upgrades and Device Licensing

At Haivision we continually update our hardware encoders and decoders with software updates to enhance existing capabilities and introduce new features. With Haivision EMS, system administrators can quickly verify the firmware of each device. If an update is needed, the latest device firmware packages can be uploaded onto EMS and applied to multiple devices simultaneously as a bulk upgrade. License files can also be centrally managed in the same way.

Haivision EMS

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Get ready for Paris 2024
Capture the Summer Games with our video transmitters