Element Management System

An Element Management System, or EMS, is a centralized platform that enables real-time status monitoring and management of network connected elements or edge devices. Broadcast engineers or AV professionals may use an EMS for managing all their encoders and decoders, no matter where they are located. Elements that are paired to an EMS can be individually supervised, organized, and managed through a single user interface, including through a web browser for access from anywhere.

System administrators can use an element management system to discover, deploy, and supervise all their devices from a remote location. An EMS can also provide real-time data about any issues and network disruptions that may affect performance and enables operators to diagnose and fix problems promptly, avoiding or greatly reducing downtime. An EMS can also be used to monitor specific functions of a device. For example, Haivision EMS can not only monitor the status of each Makito device, but also be used to monitor and control individual streams being encoded or decoded.