Haivision SRT Gateway: The Mainstay of Reliable IP Video Streaming for Broadcasters

Today we’re shining a spotlight on a Haivision solution that has become integral in many of today’s remote broadcast workflows. Powered by the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol, Haivision SRT Gateway is ideal for securely transporting high-quality live video across public and private IP networks. We’ll share more about its features and benefits as well as a brand-new capability that makes video streaming over IP more reliable than ever.

But first, a quick refresher on what SRT Gateway is and what exactly it does.

Video Stream Routing and Distribution

SRT Gateway is a software-based broadcast solution for live video stream routing and distribution allowing broadcasters to seamlessly route their streams through any combination of networks and cloud services. With a simple GUI-based configuration, live video streams can be converted from one protocol to another in real-time without impacting video quality and low latency.

Discover how Haivision customers are leveraging SRT Gateway in their workflows here.

Network Bridging and Protocol Conversion

Whether it’s for routing live content across a LAN, WAN, MPLS, the public internet, or any combination of network types, SRT Gateway enables users to adapt video streams from one network environment to another in real-time by assigning appropriate IP addresses and ports. SRT Gateway also performs protocol conversion in real-time to optimize streams to specific networks without impacting video quality and latency.

Stream Replication and Firewall Traversal

SRT Gateway can replicate a video stream to multiple destinations for content production, remote collaboration, and distribution all while meeting specific protocol requirements. SRT Gateway can be deployed anywhere on a network so that behind the firewall devices can reach streams while maintaining network security policies and, with native support for SRT, it can also encrypt valuable content.

Flexible Deployment Options

Designed to facilitate live streaming over complex video workflows including for remote contribution, backhaul, return feeds, bi-directional interviews, and content distribution for international syndication and sharing with affiliates, SRT Gateway is available as a dedicated turnkey appliance or as a virtual machine for deployment on standard off-the shelf hardware. SRT Gateway can also be hosted on major cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Alibaba Cloud.

Introducing Path Redundancy

Whether it’s for live sports or breaking news, broadcasters around the world trust and depend on Haivision’s reliable solutions to make sure that their video contribution streams are delivered even if a network degrades or goes down. And with the introduction of the new Path Redundancy feature in SRT Gateway 3.5, reliability has become rock solid even with unpredictable networks.

Learn More About Path Redundancy

Understand more about Path Redundancy, how it works, and how to configure it in our guide.

Uninterrupted Live Streaming

Haivision SRT Gateway 3.5 now supports Path Redundancy ensuring uninterrupted live streaming in case of network connection issues. With the Path Redundancy feature for SRT Gateway 3.5, broadcasters can reliably route and transport live video streams across cloud, internet and local networks without interruption and at low latency. By relying on multiple network paths, Haivision Path Redundancy further increases the reliability of SRT for contribution, distribution, and remote collaboration workflows which may also incorporate components from the hundreds of broadcast vendors that have adopted the SRT protocol.

How Can SRT Gateway Help You?

Discover how SRT Gateway creates cost-effective live video streams to one or more destinations for content production and distribution.

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