SRT Alliance Surpasses 600 Members

SRT Open Source Turns Six and Celebrates Over 600 Members of the SRT Alliance

SRT Open Source Turns Six and Celebrates Over 600 Members of the SRT Alliance   

As the SRT Alliance surpasses 600 members, Haivision will celebrate the sixth anniversary of the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) video streaming transport protocol being open sourced at the 2017 NAB conference.  

To honor both these milestones, we’re celebrating SRT becoming the de facto industry standard for low latency video transport at the 2023 NAB Show in Las Vegas, and you can read more about the newest members of the SRT Alliance including Paramount, Cloudflare,, and Chyron in this post.

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Six years of SRT open source

SRT is a video streaming transport protocol and technology stack designed to connect two endpoints for the purposes of delivering low latency video and other media streams across any network including unstable networks such as the public internet. Haivision originally developed SRT in 2013 to enable simple low latency video connectivity over the public internet between its products, specifically for its Makito ultra-low latency series of video encoders and decoders.

Haivision open sourced the technology in 2017 with the goal of enabling live video transport over the public internet for production, remote contribution, and distribution. Over the course of the past six years, many of the biggest names in the industry, including Sony, have contributed to the evolution of SRT and its push towards being the de facto standard for low latency video transport for broadcasters.

The SRT Alliance continues to grow

The SRT Alliance, a global community made of industry leaders and developers who are focused on addressing the challenges of low latency streaming through the collaborative development of SRT, has now surpassed 600 members and welcomed the latest members of the SRT Alliance: Paramount, Cloudflare,, Chyron, JW Player, THEO Technologies, EVS, BuyDRM, Blackbird, Backlight, and Barco.

Here’s what some of them had to say about the importance of SRT and why they joined the SRT Alliance:


“The video industry has benefited greatly from the SRT protocol, especially on the contribution feed side for live video. Its fast adoption across software multimedia frameworks, as well as OEM, is fueled by the reliability and security it provides,” said Nishant Sirohi, Lead Video Engineer, Quality & Solutions, Paramount. “As we continue to transform more workflows to SRT, I would like to thank Haivision for its contributions and support to this technology!”


“Cloudflare Stream has deployed SRT across the Cloudflare global network, enabling broadcasters across the world to improve reliability of live streams. Any Internet standard is as valuable as the ecosystem that uses it. SRT’s role as the dominant ingest protocol for professional broadcasters makes it a great candidate to replace legacy protocols such as RTMP,” said John Graham-Cumming, CTO, Cloudflare.

“Last year, Dolby acquired Millicast and built the Real-Time Streaming platform, adding support for SRT ingest to reduce the latency from professional encoders. Another key benefit of SRT is the support of newer codecs and features that pave the way for us to add HDR and Dolby Vision to our streaming workflows,” Ryan Jespersen, Director of Product Strategy, “Our customers include National Broadcasters and top Hollywood studios that use to power their live REMI and remote post-production products. SRT gives our customers a Secure Reliable Transport protocol to power their live broadcast feeds to remote monitors and multiviewers.”


“We are thrilled to be joining the SRT Alliance as we strongly believe in the potential of the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol for remote contribution and production,” said Mathieu Yerle, SVP Strategy & Product, Chyron. “SRT is one of the best options to transport video reliably and securely over the internet. It is perfectly suited for remote production workflows in hybrid setups with cameras (or encoders) on-premises and live production platforms in the cloud – such as Chyron LIVE. We’ve seen many of our customers adopting SRT as their go-to streaming protocol.”

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