Makito X4 Decoder

Meet the Newest Member of the Haivision Family: The Makito X4 Video Decoder

Today, we’re introducing the latest addition to Haivision’s flagship family of low latency Makito video encoders and decoders; we’re excited to share the news that the much anticipated Makito X4 Video Decoder is finally here! Built on the heritage of the Makito X series of video encoders and decoders, this latest innovation from Haivision is set to transform the way that live 4K video content is captured and shared across IP networks, including the internet.

Versatile Decoding for Any Use Case

From live broadcast contribution, remote production (REMI), sports coverage, and bi-directional interviews to defense applications and more, the Makito X4 Decoder is ideally suited to support ultra low latency live video streaming over any type of IP network. And, like its companion, the Makito X4 Video Encoder, our newest decoder is compact, extremely robust, and always reliable; capabilities that Haivision customers have come to expect and rely on.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect from our newest IP video appliance:

A Complete 4K Solution

When paired with the powerful Makito X4 Encoder, the Makito X4 Decoder delivers next-gen performance, providing an end-to-end solution for pristine quality HD and 4K UHD video streaming at the lowest latency over any network. With native support for SRT, the combined Makito X4 Encoder and Decoder solution ensures secure and reliable real-time delivery of high-value content, from anywhere to anywhere.

Makito X4 Encoder and Decoder

Low Latency 4K Over IP

Register for our SRT Tuesday webinar on June 16, Low Latency 4K over IP: Live Demos Featuring SRT and Makito X4 to see the Makito X4 Decoder in action.

The Makito X4 Decoder’s unparalleled feature set includes:

  • High Quality 4K UHD/Quad HD broadcast video: Decodes H.264 and HEVC video to 3G and 12G SDI outputs with up to 10-bit pixel depths and 4:2:2 chroma subsampling for impeccable picture quality
  • Ultra low latency: when combined, the Makito X4 Encoder and Decoder support low latency end-to-end streaming over SRT for on-air contribution, broadcast monitoring, live content distribution, and remote production
  • Flexible form factor: Available as a compact standalone appliance or as blades within rack-mountable chassis, the Makito X4 Decoder offers the highest channel density available for decoding up to 84 HD or 21 4K UHD video outputs in a single 4RU rack chassis
  • Stream Sync technology: Haivision’s unique Stream Sync technology features single-frame accuracy to ensure seamless live production by maintaining synchronization of IP video streams when switching between multiple video and audio sources
  • Native support for SRT: Recovers lost packets, adapts to changing network conditions, and includes AES 128 or 256-bit encryption
  • Real-time device management: Compatible with Haivision EMS (Element Management System), a web-based solution for centrally managing the Makito X series of video encoders and decoders

And with a new streamlined and intuitive UI, the Makito X4 Decoder’s control center gives users an easy way to visualize important metrics such as usage capacity shared across outputs.

The Makito X4 Video Decoder

Get the Makito X4 Decoder datasheet for a comprehensive overview of the features, benefits, and technical specifications of our latest innovation.

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