Haivision Makito FX Encoder

Meet Haivision’s HDMI Encoder for Mission Critical Applications: The Makito FX

Haivision’s family of Makito video appliances welcomes a new HDMI encoder: the Haivision Makito FX!

Designed as a secure, low latency SDI and HDMI-capable video encoder, the Makito FX offers specific features that allow the encoding and streaming of video resolutions up to 4K and computer graphic outputs such as radar systems, and flight simulators.

Makito FX Video EncoderReal-time encoding for mission-critical video

Makito FX Video Encoder
Real-time encoding for mission-critical video

Despite its compact form factor, the Makito FX encoder still offers what matters most: ultra-low latency, security, and reliability. The 4K video encoder streams from computer outputs and other sources over IP networks with the use of the SRT protocol. Using either H.264 and HEVC codecs, real-time analysis and informed decision-making is accelerated as a result of the Makito FX’s low latency video encoding.

Powerful Encoding for Mission-Critical Applications

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Key Features of the Makito FX

4K/UHD Encoding
The Makito FX supports 4K/UHD encoding up to 2160p60 resolutions either by using an HDMI or a single 12G SDI input. The Makito FX can also encode a single HD (up to 1080p60) source as two outgoing streams, for example with high and low bitrates.

Support for HEVC & H.264 Codecs
The Makito FX offers support for both video codecs to deliver maximum flexibility and optimized bandwidth efficiency depending on the application.

Ultra-low Latency
With the Makito FX, real-time video encoding latency can be as low as 55ms (depending on configuration and network conditions). Thanks to the encoder’s low latency performance, defense personnel can make better, more informed mission-critical decisions without delay. Similarly, live content producers can optimize real-time video production and delivery.

Streaming Protocols
Support for a range of streaming protocols, including SRT, UDP, RTP, and RTSP, is provided with the Makito FX workflow.

Multi-channel Audio
Users can encode and stream 4 stereo audio pairsper SDI or HDMI input to support a wide variety of video with audio workflows.

Metadata Filtering
ISR and defense applications rely on optimized bandwidth usage. The Makito FX filters and streams real-time KLV metadata to maximize bandwidth and drive efficient use of available bandwidth.

Second NIC
The Makito FX features two ethernet ports. This allows the use of one network for streaming and another network for device management. This not only ensures dedicated video networks are not impacted, but also keeps device management secure.

Fanless Operation
The Makito FX is ideal for situations that necessitate low noise levels, such as within operations centers or even language translation booths.

Makito FX Encoder Use Cases

For defense branches, public safety agencies, and enterprise organizations, the Makito FX video encoder can deliver powerful advantages for live streaming of video and computer graphics over a secure network.

The HDMI-capable encoder can be used to distribute training and simulation video. For example, the Makito FX can encode the screen output of flight simulators as part of a secure system that distributes live streams to overspill rooms and other locations. This makes for effective real-time analysis and monitoring.

Another application for the Makito FX may be encoding live streams from radar and IT stations for secure distribution across network security domains to locations like operations centers. Users can also encode and stream the output of a video wall display to another video wall system, whether it’s located in a desktop display, set-top box, or an entirely different location.

The Makito FX was designed by Haivision to be more than a typical video encoder. Built specifically for ISR and mission-critical video needs, the SDI and HDMI-based encoder offers low latency IP streaming to transport real-time 4K video within a completely silent and very small yet robust appliance.

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