Created on July 18, 2018

Makito X Rugged HEVC

Learn about Haivision’s compact and ruggedized military-grade video encoding appliance designed for the most demanding ISR environments.



If you’re deploying airborne, ground, or sea-based vehicles for real-time situational awareness and ISR missions, you need optimized quality, low-latency video encoding that can withstand the elements. Makito X HEVC Rugged is the encoder for you.

This ruggedized third-generation Makito builds off of our pedigree of our commercial appliance in a package that’s certified for your challenges. MIL-Standard-810G compliant, this is an encoder that can stand up to shock, vibration, humidity, and extreme temperatures. It can operate at temperatures as low as minus 40 or as high as 70 degrees Celsius. This appliance does not quit, even when you cook it on the tarmac or while shaking across a terrain in a light armored vehicle.

The encoder supports two inputs and has six encoding cores, giving you the flexibility to distribute your video on and off platform at the same time with both HEVC and H.264. With HEVC, you can increase the number of channels delivered compared to existing H.264 workflows and also enable new workflows. Try streaming H.264 video at 100 kilobits per second, and you’ll realize where HEVC truly shines.

Makito X HEVC Rugged works seamlessly with downstream PED systems that interpret and display your video streams in context. From MISB Standard KLV and cursor-on-target metadata synchronized with the video, Makito X ensures your cross-system and cross-agency data integrity.

A rugged package, HEVC encoding designed for ISR, and cross-system metadata compliance, a single solution for your ISR challenges. If you would like to find out more, get in touch.

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Get ready for Paris 2024
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