Created on October 4, 2016

Makito X HEVC Encoder

In this product overview, learn how the Makito X HEVC video encoder transports secure, high quality, live HEVC/H.265 and AVC/H.264 video over any network at extremely low bit rates.



Hi. I’m John Linton. And I’m a product manager at Haivision. And today, we’re going to speak about the Makito X with HEVC.

As you know, the Makito X is Haivision’s flagship video encoder product. It provides high quality, low latency H.264 video encoding. And with our SRT technology provides content encryption, easy firewall traversal, and content reliability for streaming over the public internet. The Makito X HEVC adds two HEVC encoding cores through the Makito X product. This allows you to add HEVC without changing any of your Makito X H.264 workflows.

With the introduction of HEVC to the Makito X platform, the encoding efficiency has been doubled. What this allows you to do is transmit the same video quality as H.264 while reducing your bandwidth requirements by up to 50%. Similar to the Makito X with storage, the Makito X HEVC also comes in a double height appliance. The Makito X HEVC blades can be installed in Haivision’s rack mounted units for the highest density applications.

The Makito X HEVC UI is identical to the existing Makito X UI. All that’s different is that we’ve added two HEVC video encoding cores to the video table. This allows you to stream using the exact same streaming interface. HEVC benefits you by lowering the OPEX for your streaming applications. This can be applied to many workflows such as broadcast backhaul, ISR, ENG, and satellite workflows. For additional information, contact us today. And remember that the Makito X HEVC is just another way that Haivision helps you work better with video.

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