Created on October 5, 2016

Makito X Encoder with Storage

In this product overview, learn why the Makito X encoder with 250GB of internal or removable solid state storage options can help you archive your live streams for redundancy and high quality recordings.



Hi, I’m John Linton, and I’m the embedded systems product manager here at Haivision. And today we’re going to talk about the Makito X with Storage.

The Makito X with Storage not only provides the ability to encode and stream your live content, it also provides the ability to record on the appliance itself.

This gives you the ability to guarantee that your content is always safe. It gives you redundancy, because you can never ever trust your network. Networks can go down. So if it’s recorded on the appliance at the source, you’re guaranteed that your high-value content will always be saved and you always have it. If it’s worth streaming that live content, it’s worth recording it.

Now, the Makito X with Storage has been used in many applications. Governments have mandates where they must record their meetings and make them openly accessible to the public. Makito X with Storage has proven itself in the field that when the network can’t be relied on and it can’t be trusted, your content is always safe.

The Makito X with Storage comes in two flavors. One is the removable flavor, where the media can be removed and stored separately from the unit. It also comes in a fixed format, where the media is actually inside the appliance. Now, the base size of the media that comes with the unit from factory is a 250 GB SSD, which allows 5 days of recording at 5 Mbps. The size of the SSD can be upgraded to either 500 GB or 1 TB.

Now, the UI is exactly the same as the existing Makito X UI. But in addition, there are these recording options that allow you to save your content in either an MP4 or a TS format. It also allows you to segment your content into multiple chunks. You can choose to record by time or size. And in addition, you can upload those recorded segments to an FTP server or a content management platform or our Haivision Video Cloud, which is our online video platform.

Once you’ve got your recorded content, it’s easy to either transfer that content to a local USB drive, download it to your PC, or export it to a network server. As with any Makito, you can always stream your content. But the Makito X with Storage allows you to record it as well. Now, you can record your content at a very high quality and stream at a lower quality. It’s the same content, but your network may not have the ability to transfer it at the highest quality. But you might want it at the highest quality. And this allows you to do just that.

The Makito X with Storage comes in various form factors. One is the appliance. The blades in the appliance can be removed and placed also into our 1RU MB6 or 4RU MB21 chassis. Always remember, if your valuable life content is worth streaming, it’s worth recording. And the Makito X with Storage is just another way that Haivision helps you work better with video.

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