Created on November 24, 2017

Makito X Encoder: Multi-Bitrate Streaming

Learn how the Makito X can facilitate video streaming using different bitrates and protocols.



The Makito X, providing low latency H.264 or HEVC encoding for Broadcast, Enterprise, and Defense. With over 10 years of feature development, the Makito X is incredibly rich in capabilities. Let’s talk about one of these in particular, multi-bitrate streaming.

Facilities use multi-bitrate streaming in order to tailor the experience when trying to reach different targets, like low latency decoders, TVs connected to set-top boxes, desktops, mobile devices, streaming servers, or even high-quality recorders. Think of these as your different audiences. To reach them all, you’re going to need to use a combination of one, high, medium, and low bitrate streams, and two, different streaming protocols that can address local unicast and multicast environments.

Hitting all your audiences can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be with the Makito X. The Makito X with HEVC has six encoding cores that we can assign to different audiences at the same time. And each stream can be controlled independently. With each video encoding core, I can tailor the resolution, adjust the bitrate, GOP size, and more.

Equally, I have the option to customize my outputs, selecting the streaming protocol I want to use, establishing destinations, and setup passwords. You also have complete control over each stream. Start, stop, and pause streams independently, and even display tailored messages for your audiences.

And guess what? Even with all this power, you’re not even compromising on latency. So whether you’re in Broadcast, Enterprise, or Defense, the Makito X has got you covered. Reach out to find out more.