Created on March 2, 2020

How to Set Up an Encoder for Microsoft Teams

In this video, we’re going to show you how to easily set up a live video stream in Microsoft Teams, using a Haivision KB video encoder. We will walk through the different steps in both Microsoft Teams as well as with your video encoder.



We’re going to go ahead and show you how to stream live video content to Microsoft Teams. We’ll be doing this using a configured Haivision KB Encoder, which is ideal for high quality streaming of live events to a global audience. From the Calendar tab in Teams, select New Meeting in the top right corner. In this new window, click next to New Meeting and choose New Live Event. Fill in the title and the other event details, and then click Next.

After choosing the event permissions, scroll down to How Will You Produce Your Live Event. Choose an External App or Device, and click on Schedule to create your event. Now choose Join to join the event as a producer or presenter, and select Start Setup. Turn secure connection On and copy the server ingest URL.

Now log into your KB Encoder, which should be already connected to a camera. From the Channel Control Center, choose Add Channel from the drop-down. Fill in the name and description, and click Next. From the list of input sources, choose the connected source.

Select either SDI or HDMI, and set the encoder template for H.264 at 720 resolution. This is the right setting to use when streaming to Office 365 Teams. In the channel output step, choose RTMP including the stream name, then pasting the URL from Teams.

Once completed, click on the Play icon to start streaming the channel from the KB Encoder. You’ll see the indicator light turn green. Now you’re ready to start streaming. Return to Microsoft Teams and click on Start Event. It’s as easy as that.