Created on June 28, 2020

Haivision Media Platform

Haivision Media Platform is a secure platform for managing and sharing your organization’s videos with your employees across locations – both in and out of the office . With options for sharing live and on-demand video, as well as IPTV, Haivision Media Platform is the ideal solution to keep your team connected – no matter where they are.



Haivision Media Platform is a live video distribution solution that helps you reach your employees in or out of the office. With HMP, deliver all-hands presentations, live corporate video, and IPTV channels with ease. The interface is designed to meet the needs of different users.

For viewers, the experience starts in the portal with familiar tools for browsing and watching live or on-demand video. Content owners use the library to organize, manage, and share video. Administrators have comprehensive tools for system configuration, networking, device management, security, and access control.

HMP provides enterprise-grade security suitable for even your most confidential corporate content. With permissions-based settings, active directory support, and single sign on, you can be sure that only authorized viewers are able to watch. Efficiently distribute live video across corporate locations or even to remote workers without overwhelming the corporate network.

HMP gives employees the flexibility to watch content anywhere including from desktop browsers, set-top boxes, and even mobile devices for employees on the go. Distribute live IPTV channels to set-top boxes throughout your facilities and surround your IPTV with dynamic HTML content, corporate branding, and messaging. With flexible deployment options for on-premise or cloud as well as high availability for mission-critical viewing, HMP can be tailored to your business needs and network infrastructure.

Haivision Media Platform provides secure business communication, efficient distribution, and broadcast quality live video to keep employees engaged no matter where they are watching from.

Get ready for Paris 2024
Capture the Summer Games with our video transmitters
Get ready for Paris 2024
Capture the Summer Games with our video transmitters