Haivision Technology - Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how we process your personal data when you use our solutions described on our website, such as our mobile applications, web-based user interfaces, transcoding, delivery, content management, scheduler and analytics services (the “Technology”). More specifically, the Haivision Technology includes products and services such as HMP Enterprise, HMP Workgroup, Haivision Video Cloud Services, and Haivision Connect.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to our website and marketing activities. You can read the Haivision Web Privacy and Cookies Policy here. This Privacy Policy does not apply to third parties, such as the services that are included by APIs, which you may decide to integrate from time to time, and to other third-party applications, websites, and services, such as the social media on which video content can be distributed. These third parties process personal data in accordance with their respective privacy policies.

We process personal data on behalf of the organizations with whom we enter into contractual agreements to do so. Under European laws, we are considered a processor of personal data, and our clients are responsible for ensuring that they have an appropriate lawful basis for processing your personal data. However, in some limited cases, such as for customer relationship management and marketing of the Haivision Technology, we may be a controller, which means that we are responsible for determining the lawful basis for processing your personal data under European Laws. If so, we identified the applicable lawful basis in this Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions on this Privacy Policy, you can reach as follows:

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Haivision Network Video, Inc.
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What personal data do we process, and for which reasons?

We collect the following types of personal data to provide our clients with the Technology, based on our agreements with them. We also process personal data for the purpose of managing our relationship with our clients and marketing the Technology.

Some of the Technology is hosted locally by our clients, or the personal information may reside on appliances which Haivision cannot access. For instance, Haivision Multi-Site Monitoring does not involve any data collection from the appliance by Haivision, and support requests may require clients to share web server logs and electronic data for troubleshooting issues. Inversely, some devices like the KB Series allow for configuring local copies and copies in various cloud storage services selected by clients, which may include the cloud storage services offered by Haivision.

Types of information Purpose

Identification data

(names, e-mail address, username, subscription ID)

Electronic data

(crash reports, web server logs)

Communication data

(content of live chat conversations)

Technical support

Managing support tickets

Business contact data

(e-mail address, workplace, etc.)

Customer relationship management

(e.g., to track transactions, licenses, purchases, and opportunities)

If you are located in the European Union, please note that we process business contact information for this purpose based on our legitimate interests to manage our relationship with clients and identify opportunities.

Credential data

(username, passwords)

Identification data

(e-mail address)

Secure authentication

(e.g., multi-factor authentication, e-mail verification)

Identification Data

(e-mail address, phone numbers)

Notification functionalities

Some Technology offer opt-in SMS and e-mail notifications as part of certain functionalities. If our customers are using these functionalities, we process the information required for providing the functionalities on their behalf.

Usage Data

(bugs, logs, etc.)

Analytic Data

(performance and traffic data)

Electronic Data Performance

(crash reports, logs

Performance management Improvements of the Technology.

If you are located on the European Union, we process such personal data based on our (crash reports, logs) legitimate interests to ensure the maintenance of the Haivision Technology.

Identification data

(name, e-mail address, title, picture)

Personalization of the User Interface

Analytics and reporting data

(aggregated numbers of viewers,engagement statistics

To provide our clients with analytics and reporting on their videos and live streams.

Social media data

(YouTube and Facebook accounts and social media activity)

To allow you to stream live video on YouTube, Facebook, or other platforms

User Generated Media

(videos, voices, images, recordings, metadata)

To provide with you with the Technology

(e.g., to create, share, analyze and distribute media content such as video)

Why do we need access to your social media accounts?

Some features in certain Technology allow our users to stream live video on social media, such as Facebook or YouTube (owned by Google). In order to do this, users must connect their social media account to certain Technology; this Technology asks users the permissions required to stream the live video. The following describes permissions that we may request, and the reasons why we need these permissions.

Technology may require certain permissions regarding the Customer’s YouTube account to view the account, to determine access, and to be able to post, remove and edit videos. The Technology may also require some permissions from your Facebook account to enable live video functions, to post and publish live videos to Facebook Pages, Groups and User timeline, to list, edit or share videos that are already posted, and to provide analytics and insights on your Facebook Pages or posts.

We also may collect aggregate traffic data related to the use of our Technology about viewers through third-party analytics and reporting APIs to provide aggregate numbers of viewers and engagements. We do this reporting with the permissions of our clients. Please refer to their respective privacy policies to understand how they process personal data.

When you connect your YouTube account via the YouTube API service, data is returned to us with the names of users and profiles or pages our users have permissions on which to post. We obtain this information to manage the services offered to these users as part of the Haivision Technology and allow our users to use the functionalities that they requested.

What cookies and similar tracking technologies do we use?

Cookies are little data files installed on your device (a computer tablet or mobile for instance) to fulfil several purposes. In this Privacy Policy, when we use the term cookies, we also imply similar tracking technologies such as tracking pixels (or pixels tags), web beacons and browser fingerprinting. Some of the Haivision technologies use analytic tracking technologies to provide reporting and business intelligence. We may also use essential and functional cookies; however, we do not perform interest-based marketing using retargeting cookies in the Haivision Technology.

You can control your preferences for cookies, such as by changing your browser’s setting to stop accepting cookies or to prompt you before accepting a cookie from the websites you visit. Click on your browser for more information:

Where do we store your personal data?

We may use data centers located around the world, and your personal data may be hosted on servers located outside of the country where you live. By your use of certain Technology, you may allow your personal data may be shared internationally as a result of the broadcasting and streaming functionalities. Personal data may include types identified in Table 1 above.

When using appliances such as the Connect DVR, functionalities such as caching allow for video stream data to be stored on this device, in addition to being stored in the cloud. This is to ensure that the content is safe while being streamed.

If you are in the European Union, we are required to ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place prior for transferring your personal data out of the European Union. We do so through standard contractual clauses or through other safeguards when they are available.

For how long do we retain your personal data?

We keep your personal data for as long as required to achieve the purpose of the collection or as required by applicable laws, whichever is longer. When we are not responsible for determining retention periods, we comply with the documented instructions of our clients, such as through contractual obligations.

How do we protect your personal data?

The Haivision Technology uses AES 128- & 256-bit encryption, SSO & LDAP to protect user content in transmission, along with Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) technology for end-to-end security. We use reputable cloud hosting companies with redundancy and several information security certifications.

Some of our products, such as Connect DVR, protect the identity of users through standardized and impersonal Haivision accounts. These measures protect the privacy of users. Our products are provided with documentation on how to change default factory passwords. We strongly recommend that you change the default factory passwords for these devices.

With whom do we share your personal data?

We do not sell personal data and we do not share the personal data collected as part of the Technology for other reasons than to provide or administer the Technology, except if required by the law or as set forth below. We share your personal data with the following categories of recipients.

Category Explanations

Service providers

We may use service providers to provide you with the Technology. These service providers include cloud service providers, such as Microsoft Azure or Google Firebase. You can read Microsoft Azure’s Privacy Policy here and Google’s Firebase Privacy Policy here.

Law enforcement

We may receive requests from law enforcement or the authorities to access personal data. Whenever permitted by law, we advise our users or clients before. We also validate that the request is legitimate before responding.


Haivision is a group of companies with affiliates located worldwide. Your personal data may be processed by our affiliates to provide you with the Haivision Technology.

What rights do you have over your personal data?

Your rights differ depending on where you are located in the world.

In most locations, you can access and rectify your personal data. In the European Union, you may also benefit from these additional rights:

  • The right to revoke your consent when processing is based on consent;
  • The right to object to the processing of your personal data;
  • The right to restrict the processing of your personal data;
  • The right to data portability, which means that your personal data is provided to you or a third party in normal format to allow you to re-use them, including with another provider;
  • The right to have automated decisions being reviewed by a human in some cases, and some rights over profiling.

You can learn more about these rights here.

All of these rights are subject to limitations in the law, so if we cannot comply, we will respond to you and let you know why. We will respond to any of your requests within 30 days. In some cases, we may need additional information to validate your identity, in which case, we will use it only for this reason and delete it after. We do not charge any fees for you to exercise your rights.

You always have the right to lodge a complaint to the local authorities if you disagree with how we handle your personal data.

Can we change this Privacy Policy?

Yes, we may need to modify this Privacy Policy to reflect new processing activities, adapt to new laws and regulations or reflect technological changes or corporate changes, such as a result of a merger and acquisition. We may also change this Privacy Policy at our sole discretion, such as to provide you with more details about how we handle your personal data. Below is the latest update:

Latest Update: May 28, 2022