Enterprise Video Platform

An Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) is a solution designed to manage and enable video experiences throughout an organization. Challenges for the EVP include multi-facility live video distribution, user experience management, rights provisioning, asset management, device management, recording, and publishing.

Live multi-facility distribution is considered one of an EVPs toughest challenges. Cloud-only solutions cannot address this challenge as distributing live video to hundreds or thousands of unique viewers at a remote location requires some type of remote facility redistribution. Video eCDNs, a critical component of any EVP, work to solve this challenge.

As a key part of an enterprise IT portfolio of systems, the EVP must also integrate with other enterprise systems, such as LDAP for user authentication and single sign on. The EVP must also be able to interact with and cohabitate with other content systems, and be able to ingest content easily and present content through corporate portals.

There can many differences in the features of individual products or platforms. Some platforms are able to encode content (such as video), while others only function with existing content as it is uploaded (i.e. as it already exists). Other products handle only on-demand content and aren’t capable with live video, for example.

The better Enterprise Video Platforms offer a full array of features, including a powerful eCDN to streamline delivery, a secure platform that ensures confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity, multi-level access for user management, APIs and SDKs for integration and custom development, as well a white label service for internal branding.


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Haivision celebrates 20 years of innovation in live video!