Kraken 3.2

Kraken 3.2 Adds Support for SDI-SFP Encoding

We’ve just announced the latest release of the Haivision Kraken Transcoder. Version 3.2 of Kraken brings an exciting new feature expanding its encoding capabilities with the ability to capture and encode SDI input using an SFP SDI to IP gateway device, effectively allowing integrators to turn any compute platform into an encoder

If you’re not familiar with Kraken, it provides high-performance live video transcoding for satellite backhaul, enterprise distribution, and delivery to mobile devices. Kraken offers extremely low latency and superior video quality at low bitrates for near real-time delivery of video from diverse video sources, datalinks, and networks.

But first, let’s take a step back and review the difference between encoding and transcoding. Encoding takes in a raw uncompressed video signal and compresses it for transmission, while transcoding takes already encoded IP video, in various formats/types, and then manipulates the video for downstream distribution with a different bitrate, codec, protocol, destination, etc.. The input to an encode workflow is typically SDI, whereas the input to a transcode workflow is ethernet.

SDI Encoding Capabilities

SDI encoding is a critical feature already available on the Kraken CR. However, when Kraken is deployed as a Virtual Machine (VM) on third party hardware, SDI encoding has proven to be more challenging due to the added complexities of the identification, procurement, and engineering effort required to integrate a separate capture card.

With the latest release of Kraken (version 3.2), SDI encoding is now simplified by using an SFP (a small form factor pluggable) device to ingest SDI signals. Benefit from reduced encoding latency while taking advantage of Kraken’s seamless integration into existing baseband stacks. For system integrators looking to provide a single product with the capability to transcode IP streams and encode SDI input, Kraken is the perfect solution.

A Plug and Play Solution

Kraken is frequently deployed as a VM in tactical mobile communication kits built by system integrators. When these kits are out in the field, they need to be prepared to accommodate full-motion video, whether over SDI or IP. With SDI – SFP encoding, Haivision is providing systems integrators with a plug and play solution that can be easily integrated into their existing hardware products via Kraken VMs.

In this use case, the benefits of SDI – SFP encoding are clear; the small form factor allows it to be used in constrained spaces, it reduces power draw by combining multiple functions into a single piece of hardware, and it’s a more cost-efficient solution to integrate and deploy. Customers can now have a single compute platform that encodes and transcodes on top of the other mission tasks handled in their VM environment, without having to add new boxes.

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