August 20, 2018

UDP – Based Protocol (UDT)

UDP-Based Protocol (UDT) UDP-Based Protocol (UDT) is a high-performance data transfer protocol. It is designed specifically for the high-volume transfer of large datasets over high-speed wide area networks (WAN). The UDP-Based Protocol is a much more efficient alternative to the TCP protocol, and can transfer data at a much higher speed. UDT is an application built on top of User [...]

August 16, 2018

UHD / 4K

UHD/4K 4K resolution (also known as “Ultra High Definition” or UHD), is a general term that is used to describe a variety of resolutions sizes that offer at least 4 times the resolution of conventional HDTV displays (hence the name 4K). On digital displays (TV, PC, etc.), images are composed of tiny dots called pixels. The more pixels there are on [...]

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Join Haivision at NAB Show 2024
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Join Haivision at NAB Show 2024, April 14-17