Haivision at GSX 2023

Haivision Showcases Innovative Video Wall Technology at GSX 2023

For the first time ever, Haivision proudly exhibited its groundbreaking video wall technology at The Global Security Exchange (GSX) 2023. GSX 2023 was not just a local affair; it drew a diverse and extensive international audience, attracting a wide array of enterprise businesses with a strong focus on security. Companies in attendance were interested in the latest innovations in security technology, making GSX the ideal platform for networking and collaboration.

Let’s take a closer look at the highlights of Haivision’s presence at GSX.

Haivision Showcases Video Wall Technology at GSX 2023

Haivision Showcases Video Wall Technology at GSX 2023

Haivision Command 360 for Security Operations

One of the major highlights of Haivision’s GSX exhibit was the impressive Command 360 video wall software, which garnered significant attention from those who visited our booth.

Haivision Team at GSX 2023

Haivision’s end-to-end video wall solution is powered by Command 360, which works with purpose-built hardware to give enterprise teams real-time visualization of business-critical information on video walls in security and network operation centers. With Haivision video wall technology, companies can establish a common operating picture to instantly view and resolve critical situations such as cyber-attacks, security breaches, and fraudulent activity alerts. Our team took the opportunity to walk GSX attendees through our cutting-edge technology, highlighting its capabilities through on-site demonstrations.

Haivision Command 360

Discover the capabilities of our powerful, award-winning video wall technology.

Solutions for Security Operation Centers (SOCs) and Network Operation Centers (NOCs)

The Haivision team demonstrated how our video wall solutions are designed for security applications. Our Command 360 software platform enhances the way security and network operation centers function by empowering teams to easily visualize content from multiple sources, including security camera feeds, operator workstations, and security software, on an easy-to-manage video wall display. The end result is increased situational awareness and stronger partnerships between teams and decision-makers.

In Partnership with LG

An important component of the video wall solution is the display monitors. Haivision joined forces with LG to provide the impressive display featured in the event booth. The LG team worked diligently to ensure that their 171” All in One Direct View LED display which consisted of 96 small individual screens tiled together, provided a seamless visual experience that captivated the attention of all GSX attendees.

Haivision’s inaugural appearance at GSX 2023 gave us an exciting venue to highlight our advanced video wall technology, featuring Command 360. We appreciated the opportunity to connect with attendees and learn more about their security operation center needs. We look forward to next year’s Global Security Exchange!

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