Bexel Crewless Studio

Live from NAB: Bexel Crewless Studio

Day 3 at NAB: We visited Central Hall (booth C6025) to grab a few minutes with our partner Bexel. Since our collaboration on remote interviews with Fox Sports 1, Haivision and Bexel have always been at the forefront of making it easier contribute interview content from some of the most challenging locations. This year, don’t miss their Crewless Studio, powered by our Makito X H.264 video encoder and SRT technology. The Bexel Crewless Studio makes it easy to get remote contribution from the comfort of your home or office. The Crewless Studio is a small, all-in one broadcast box, which allows for bi-directional conversation and offers true contribution-quality video. Being used by major broadcasters, the Crewless Studio offers a way to get more content on the air, using more cost-effective public internet connections. See the Crewless Studio for yourself in this brief interview we did with John Mills on the show floor.

This Crewless studio is pretty amazing. Anyone, regardless of their technical knowledge can get in front of the camera and contribute video content for broadcast. Since the set-up is completely managed from a remote operations center, lighting, audio, and network settings are controlled and monitored by professionals, ensuring the best possible contribution content. Since Makito X powers the encoding and decoding of the video signal, broadcasters and analysts can use public internet (or MPLS, fiber and satellite connections) to transmit their contribution video. Bexel’s clients are so impressed with our SRT technology, that half of the Crewless Studios rely solely on public internet for their connection, something which was unheard of before the Makito X and SRT were utilized for these solutions.

With the Crewless Studio from Bexel, analysts and experts can quickly and easily be called on in important situations to get their opinions on the air. In a world of on demand content, these solutions are more important than ever for broadcasters looking to gain a competitive edge. Just another way that Haivision and Bexel are helping broadcasters get more video at less cost. This year, Bexel celebrates 35 years of helping broadcasters get their message to their audience with amazing service, expert advice and AV equipment.

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