How the Haivision MoJoPro App is Revolutionizing News Broadcasting

How the Haivision MoJoPro App is Revolutionizing News Broadcasting

More than ever, today’s journalists are relying on mobile devices to capture live breaking news stories. They have access to powerful camera applications that take advantage of powerful mobile networks, like 5G, to provide connectivity and high-quality video broadcasting.

An important tool in the mobile journalist’s kit is the Haivision MoJoPro mobile app. The latest update to this advanced video camera app just went live in the Apple App Store, so we’re taking a closer look at how MoJoPro helps journalists quickly broadcast high-quality video from anywhere over cellular and WiFi network connections.

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What is the Haivision MoJoPro app?

MoJoPro, which stands for Mobile Journalism Professional, is a broadcast contribution app that enables journalists to instantly stream live HD video from the field with their mobile device into on-prem and cloud-based production workflows. The MoJoPro app allows users to create and broadcast stories in minutes through its easy-to-use interface, advanced camera features, and video editing capabilities.

When combined with the Haivision StreamHub receiver and decoder, the MojoPro app becomes an essential part of a complete solution for journalists covering live and breaking news.

Here are some of the key features of MoJoPro that make it a vital tool for mobile news and sports journalists:
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High-quality live and recorded video

MoJoPro supports both H.265/HEVC or H.264/AVC video encoding, enabling broadcasters to optimize the quality and bitrate of their live broadcast stream. Users can even record video while broadcasting live. For broadcasts that do not need to be live, the record-only mode gives users the option to transfer recorded files to the production facility. They can even make quick edits to video recordings before sending them back to their studio. The latest update also allows broadcasters to attach an external camera through a USB-C cable and control MoJoPro and the camera through an iPad running iOS17.

Cellular bonding

Leveraging the two-time Emmy® award-winning SST (Safe Streams Transport) protocol, the MoJoPro app can bond a mobile phone network and WiFi connection for more bandwidth. SST also adapts both the bitrate and resolution, in real-time, to provide reliable transmission even when the connection is unstable.

Video returns

The video returns feature of the MoJoPro app allows users to view live video feeds and teleprompter information coming from the studio directly to the app. This can be viewed in picture-in-picture mode, or in full screen, without interrupting their live broadcast. MoJoPro also supports bidirectional audio for real-time communications between the field and production. Video returns and audio intercom can be activated before, during and after a live broadcast, enabling high quality broadcast production.

Go live in seconds

The updated MoJoPro iOS app shares a common user interface framework with other Haivision products, making it easier and faster than ever to go live. To make broadcasting even simpler, the internal microphone is selected based on whether you’re using the front or rear camera. Users can also manually select which microphone and loudspeaker they want to use.

Fast and flexible deployment

For broadcasters that want to maximize coverage of live events by deploying multiple smartphones across their pool of journalists and talent, they can utilize any Mobile Device Manager (MDM) for automated or manual deployment along with the camera, bitrate, and resolution settings needed for their production workflow. With the free MoJoPro app, broadcasters can install the app to their entire fleet of mobile journalist devices in order to provide complete coverage of an event.

Download the Haivision MoJoPro App

The Haivision MoJoPro app is always ready to go live, no matter where you are.

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