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On-the-go Broadcasting: How the Haivision Air is Redefining Mobile Video Transmission

With the broadcast industry’s rapid shift to more IP-based workflows, there is a growing need for mobile video solutions. Many industry experts believe that broadcasters are seeking to fully embrace IP workflows in the coming year as Haivision’s chief product officer, Jean-Marc Racine said in a recent interview with TVBEurope about upcoming trends in broadcasting.

Mobile video broadcasting solutions are in high demand and Haivision’s groundbreaking line of cellular bonded transmitters provide reliable, low latency live video contribution over bonded cellular and IP networks from anywhere.

In this post, we’ll dive into the key features of the Haivision Air mobile video transmitter that makes it an essential solution for sports broadcasting, live event production, and newsgathering. We’ll also look at how industry professionals around the world are leveraging Haivision Air for their remote production workflows and why they trust Haivision to power their broadcasts.

Why the Haivision Air is all-in-one mobile video transmitter

The Haivision Air transmits premium quality video over reliable bonded cellular networks including 4G and 5G, plus over an Ethernet or WiFi connection, BGAN, and satellite bands like Starlink. It offers live and/or local recording in any format including from SD to HD and in HEVC and H.264 with no extra licenses required.

The removable and rechargeable built-in battery offers over two hours of live broadcasting, and its compact form factor allows for maximum portability, offering multiple deployment options including in a pouch, clipped to a belt, or mounted on a tripod.

Haivision Air is equipped with two internal 4G/5G modems and can be expanded to four with an external USB connection. Haivision Air has an ethernet port and wifi for streaming over the internet. It also features a built-in screen on the front panel of the unit, as well as an intuitive easy-to-use UI that can be accessed remotely through a web browser, providing users flexibility for remote production workflows over cellular bonded connections.

In addition, Haivision Air’s advanced features include easy video returns and an intercom for communication between camera operators and the production team. The DataBridge feature allows users to turn their Haivision Air into a high-speed internet access point for surrounding devices and enables producers the ability to remotely control connected devices including PTZ cameras.

Trusted by broadcast professionals around the world

Broadcast professionals have powered their workflows with Haivision Air mobile video transmitters for a wide variety of use cases. Telefónica, one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world, leveraged the Haivision Air320 for coverage of SailGP’s Spain Sail Grand Prix in 2023. Cameras were attached to drones and 5G connectivity and low latency video streaming were provided by Air320 units, giving viewers an immersive and dynamic look at the race.

Broadcast company Badger & Combes leverages the Haivision Air320 for its remote production of live rugby matches, helping them produce live video content from anywhere and save costs for streaming events.

How the Haivision Air is Redefining Mobile Video Transmission

The Haivision difference

The Haivision Air offers unique qualities in a mobile video transmitter including point-to-point transmission over public and private networks, cellular band selection so users can still broadcast in crowded areas, and accurate frame synchronization of video from multiple devices. All of this is backed by Haivision’s proactive and renowned customer support, which helps users answer and address any questions or concerns if they come up.

Haivision offers flexible, custom rental packages that include solutions like the Haivision Air, access to cloud services, and roaming data solutions, all with 24/7 support from our technology experts. Learn how you can take your live sports, news, or entertainment broadcasts to the next level with Haivision by clicking the link below.

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Haivision celebrates 20 years of innovation in live video!