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Haivision SRT Gateway


The Haivision SRT Gateway is a highly scalable broadcast solution for secure routing of live video streams across different types of IP networks. SRT Gateway is the ideal solution for broadcasters seeking to create cost-effective live video streams to one or more destinations for content production and distribution.

Haivision SRT Gateway_Protocols_1000px

This datasheet explains how SRT Gateway enables broadcasters with:

  • Network Bridging: Adapts video streams from one network environment to another in real-time.
  • Interoperability: Converts between protocols and provides the flexibility to support different source and destination points over any type of network.
  • Point to Multipoint Streaming: Can replicate an incoming stream as multiple outgoing streams, each configured to a specific protocol for each destination.
  • Firewall Traversal: Can be configured to easily traverse firewalls without compromising network security.