Created on March 13, 2019

Makito X4 Video Encoder Product Video

Learn how the Makito X4 is a highly-secure, ultra low latency HEVC and H/264 video encoder, featuring exceptional video quality, next-gen performance, SRT streaming, and the highest available 4K UHD and HD encoding density.



Introducing the new Makito X4 from Haivision. A powerful and versatile broadcast quality encoder delivering ultra low latency 4K and HD video streams over any IP network, including the internet. The Makito X4 supports one 4K, or up to 4 HD video sources per appliance or blade. A 4K encoder with an incredibly small form factor and power efficiency, the ultra portable Makito X4 is ideal for remote field production and broadcast contribution.

For intensive applications, including broadcast backhaul when multiple simultaneous encoder streams are required, the Makito X4 can provide the highest encoding density available capable of ingesting up to 84 HD or 21 4K video sources when rack mounted within a single for 4 RU chassis. Eight under the hood encoding cores can each encode HEVC or H264 at up to 4:2:2 10-bit color precision, providing simultaneous multi bitrate streams. For workflows with decoders, set-top boxes, desktops, web servers or mobile devices.

And with native support for the Emmy award winning SRT streaming protocol, the Makito X4 can provide a reliable and cost effective alternative to satellite contribution with built in AES encryption, keeping valuable content safe and secure. Built upon a decade of Makito heritage, the industry leading SRT protocol and high vision stream sync technology for remote production, the Makito X4. Use in the most demanding environments and relied upon by major broadcasters worldwide.

Haivision celebrates 20 years of innovation in live video!
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Haivision celebrates 20 years of innovation in live video!