Created on June 11, 2020

Makito X4 Video Decoder

The Haivision Makito X4 Video Decoder is a versatile real-time HEVC / H.265 and AVC / H.264 video decoder. Capable of decoding live video SRT, UDP, and RTP streams at very low latency, the Makito X4 Decoder is ideal for broadcast contribution, remote production, and defense applications.



Introducing the new Makito X4 Decoder from Haivision for receiving 4K and HD video over any IP network at ultra low latency. The Makito X4 Decoder supports H.264 and HEVC video with up to 10-bit pixel depths and 4:2:2 chroma subsampling for high quality live broadcast contribution, making it ideal for on-air workflows, including multi-camera remote production.

Four SDI video outputs support both HD and 4K workflows. The Makito X4 Decoder can receive UDP, RTP, and SRT streams, including with AES encryption. Compliant with STANAG and MISB, the Makito X4 Decoder can receive KLV metadata for ISR applications.

The Makito X4 Decoder is available as a portable appliance for field production or as a blade for high density decoding. Combined with the Makito X4 Encoder, the Makito X4 Decoder provides an end-to-end solution for broadcast quality, secure and reliable streaming of HD and 4K video at the lowest latency over any network, including the public internet. For more information, please visit