Created on April 21, 2020

Embedding a Microsoft Stream Player in Haivision Media Platform

In this video, we will demonstrate how to easily embed a Microsoft Stream player in Haivision Media Platform, making it easy for employees outside of the office to watch and react to live video streams.



Let’s begin in the Haivision Media Platform portal view where we’ve already scheduled our live event. Since we have a large number of employees working from home, we’re going to leverage the Microsoft Stream CDN-based video platform to deliver the live streams to all of our viewers. Let’s embed the Stream player directly in HMP so that employees have a consistent authenticated viewing experience, just like any other live HMP video.

I’m going to jump over to Stream to set up the live event and get the embed code URL for HMP. I’ve already set up the event with a name, thumbnail, and a scheduled start time. Let’s go ahead and click Start Setup. This is where Stream prepares the Cloud resources it needs to accept the video stream from your encoder. For your encoder output, you use the Secure Ingest URL at the bottom, and don’t forget to use the Secure Connection option.

My encoder is already set up and working, so we can start the event and accept the messages. You can verify that your live stream is working by clicking the Audience View switch. You’ll see your stream in the preview box on the right. So once you know that your encoder is correctly sending an output to Stream, you can grab the embed code URL.

Click More Actions and then Share. Switch to the Embed tab, then copy the URL from within the embed code. Now go back to HMP and into the Scheduler. Find your live event and click Edit. Now go ahead and click on the New Share tab.

Here you have a new option to enable an external player. Set the switch to On, then paste the URL from Stream into the URL field, and use the Enabled Locations option to indicate which users should receive live video from Stream. I’ve already set it up using a specific location in HMP for external users who will access HMP from outside the corporate firewall.

I can also add other locations as needed. These can be based in your company’s network topology. Once the event is saved, I can return to the portal and watch the feed. You can see the desktop players sharing the embedded Microsoft Stream player with its overlay for watching and liking the live stream. If you want more information about this new feature or anything else in HMP, reach out to us at Thanks for watching.

Haivision celebrates 20 years of innovation in live video!
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Haivision celebrates 20 years of innovation in live video!