Video Wall Components

Amplify your operation or command center capabilities with a broad range of audiovisual components to meet your organization's control room needs.

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Tailored to Your Operations or Command Center

Extend your situational awareness capabilities with additional components, including encoders, decoders, and access points. High-performance video wall components easily integrate with Haivision video wall software and processors to display, share, and stream additional physical and digital content sources.

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Easy Setup

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Multi-Site Scalability

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Flexible Options

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Third-Party Integrations

Feature, Command 360 Manager FL

Command 360 Manager

Designed to provide overarching control of your video wall system. Command 360 Manager offers centralized user permissions, content management, and navigation across multiple operation center locations.

CineLink Encoders and Decoders

Install CineLinks anywhere on your network to route additional content sources, including workstations, laptops, and cameras, to any video processor or display in your operations center.

Feature, Cinelink Encoder Decoder
Feature, Cinelink KVM

CineLink KVM Encoders and Access Points

Display and control separate computer systems simultaneously with a single keyboard and mouse set. Ideal for organizations looking to increase system security, reduce the amount of hardware in their control rooms, and provide remote access to critical data from any computer.

CineAgent Server

Stream web-based, virtual, or locally-installed content to a video wall in your operations center. Perfect for teams that need to stream concurrent content applications in a centralized view.

Feature, Cineagent Server

Product Specifications

Command 360 Manager

1 RU

CineLink Encoders and Decoders

Available in multiple options:
CineLink 4K-E2 Encoder
CineLink 4K-E4 Encoder
CineLink 4K-D4 Decoder

CineLink KVM

Available in multiple options:
CineLink KVM E2
CineLink KVM E4
CineLink KVM AP2
CineLink KVM AP4

CineAgent Server

Available in multiple options:
CineAgent 4
CineAgent 16

Take the Virtual Tour

Get a virtual look at an operations center with this interactive 3D model. See how our comprehensive video wall solution provides real-time situational awareness to inform mission and business-critical decisions.

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