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Live Encoding to Microsoft Stream

Start streaming live events quickly from any location from the Microsoft Stream and Office 365 interface with Haivision’s KB and Makito X Series of encoders.

Secure and Reliable Video Streaming to Microsoft Stream

Deliver streams securely to Microsoft Stream from anywhere with Haivision’s StreamSRT.

Enterprise Video Beyond the Browser

Extend your Microsoft Stream live events to screens throughout the multi-site enterprise with the Haivision Media Platform.

Live Broadcast Contribution

Manage your contribution workflows with Haivision’s SRTHub cloud routing via Microsoft Azure.

Live Production Distribution

Deliver your content to multiple providers with Haivision’s SRTHub cloud routing via Microsoft Azure.

SRT Gateways to Assist Your Production

Empower your field teams with low latency return feeds using the Haivision Media Gateway on Microsoft Azure


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