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Trusted by broadcasters worldwide, Haivision’s comprehensive portfolio of live video solutions fuel ultra-low latency, pristine-quality live sports, news, and event productions over any network.

The World Leader in Live Video Contribution Over Any Network

From video encoders to mobile transmitters, receivers, and cloud management solutions, Haivision is recognized globally as a pioneer and leader in ultra-low latency, high-quality broadcast video contribution solutions for live sports, news, and events. Thanks to its rock-solid reliability and security, broadcasters around the world trust Haivision technology to deliver great broadcasts that bring audiences closer to the action.

Live Video Contribution

Broadcast with Confidence from Anywhere

operation centers

Haivision video encoders and mobile transmitters allow broadcasters to securely and reliably transmit pristine-quality video, up to 4K UHD, at ultra-low latency over any type of network and conditions. Whether relying on 5G cellular networks or the internet, Haivision’s live video contribution solutions allow users to contribute superior-quality live video content from anywhere.

Remote Production (REMI)

Cover More Events at Higher Quality with Lower Costs

ISR solutions

Multi-camera remote production powered by Haivision technology helps to reduce costs and complexity, maximize resources, and create more content at higher quality. Haivision video solutions allow broadcasters to quickly and easily create secure and robust remote production workflows for their live events. By streaming synchronized, low latency camera feeds from live events to a production studio over cost-effective IP and cellular networks, broadcasters can satisfy the need for more content while reducing the costs and logistical challenges of moving staff and resources to event venues.

Cloud Production

Fueling Cloud Production Workflows

cloud production

Broadcasters and content producers are leveraging cloud-based production tools for flexible, cost-effective live multi-camera video workflows. As the original developer of SRT and with native support for the protocol, Haivision’s low-latency video encoders and transmitters are the ideal solution for any cloud-based production, enabling live contribution, remote collaboration, and real-time monitoring to and from the cloud.

Post-Production and Over-the-Shoulder Review

Seamless Collaboration with Decentralized Teams

post production

Haivision video encoders and decoders enable real-time “over-the-shoulder” remote collaboration with ultra-low latency video streaming over the internet. With support for video resolutions up to 4Kp60, 10-bit HDR, and 4:2:2 chroma-subsampling, directors, producers, and content reviewers can work seamlessly together from anywhere to review, approve, and produce high-quality content. Haivision remote collaboration solutions support cloud, on-prem, and hybrid workflows for color grading, visual effects, editing, and finishing.

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