January 22, 2024

Video Receiver

Video Receiver A video receiver is a device located on-prem or in the cloud that is designed to receive and decode video content transmitted over bonded cellular and other types of networks. It’s a fundamental component of a remote broadcast production workflow that includes mobile video transmitters. Receivers will also decode video to SDI, NDI, and ST 2110 or retransmit [...]

January 22, 2024

Video Return

Video Return A video return refers to the process of sending a video feed from a production site back to the field. It allows journalists, directors, and camera operators to see and interact with producers and broadcast engineers in real-time. Video returns may include live studio feeds, teleprompter information, interviewee camera feeds, and produced content.  In live broadcast productions, a live [...]

August 28, 2018

Video Encoder

Video Encoder Get a more detailed definition of video encoder from Haivision CMO, Peter Maag.  A Video Encoder converts analog or digital video to another digital video format for delivery to a decoder. For television broadcast, video encoders will typically input SDI as an uncompressed digital video signal into H.264 or HEVC.   Video encoders designed for ISR and IPTV will typically [...]

August 27, 2018

Video Latency

Video Latency Video latency refers to the degree of delay between the time a transfer of a video stream is requested and the actual time that transfer begins. Networks that exhibit relatively small delays are known as low-latency networks, while their counterparts are known as high-latency networks. Fundamentally, video latency refers to the amount of time it takes for a [...]

August 20, 2018

Video Decoder

Video Decoder Watch this video for a more detailed definition of video decoder and how they help with live streaming video applications A video decoder is a hardware device or software  that converts an encoded digital stream into audio, video, closed captions, and subtitles that can be displayed on a television or portable viewing device. Video decoders can be stand-alone devices, [...]