Future-Proofing Operation Centers: Trends and Technologies for 2024

Future-Proofing Operation Centers: Trends and Technologies for 2024

Operation centers can take many forms, from Network Operation Centers (NOCs) and Security Operation Centers (SOCs) to Joint Security Operation Centers (JSOCs), and everything in between. Furthermore, these operation centers can be found across diverse industries like enterprise, big tech, finance, banking, and oil and gas. Yet these centers, despite being designed for different purposes, share many commonalities, including foundational technological needs and a more general purpose to safeguard and optimize.

As we round the corner into 2024, we have seen technological advancements that are poised to revolutionize these critical information and command hubs. Keep reading to learn more about the upcoming trends we anticipate will take shape in the coming year.

Interactive Walls Within Distributed Control Rooms

One of the notable shifts we continue to see is the move toward distributed control rooms. This trend marks a departure from centralized setups toward smaller, strategically dispersed control rooms within the same organization. Interactive video walls, a focal point of these decentralized operation centers, are set to redefine operator collaboration and information dissemination. This shift from centralized to decentralized control rooms, supported by video wall technology, offers seamless connectivity between teams across different locations, empowered by real-time interaction, ensuring swifter responses and superior decision-making.

A great example of this is ALERTCalifornia, a state-focused program that provides California public safety agencies with access to a network of cameras and sensor arrays. The California Emergency Communications Center (ECC) brings many sources of information together and was able to distribute feeds not only to the Kern County ECC, but to the Northern and Southern California operation centers as well.

See How ALERTCalifornia Brings Data Together

With Haivision technology in place, feeds from over 1,000 cameras can be displayed on a high-definition video wall in multiple operation centers.

Making Sense of Growing Data Sources

These days, there’s simply no end to the amount of data an organization has at its fingertips. From Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and more typical sources like security camera footage and analytics inputs. While a flood of data can mean receiving the useful information you need, it can easily present a challenge for operation centers. We anticipate AI integration will promise sharper insights and predictive capabilities, enhancing the ability for enterprises and public safety agencies to wade through the noise and, ultimately, proactively respond to mission-critical incidents. In 2024, we expect to see new innovations that answer the demands for robust infrastructure and sophisticated analytics tools to distill actionable intelligence from this wealth of information.

The Rise of LED Video Walls

Amidst this technological evolution, the ascent of LED video walls emerges as a game-changer in operation centers. These innovative displays are rapidly closing the gap with LCD walls in terms of resolution and adaptability to data-dense environments, offering a compelling alternative to the once-superior LCD displays. The flexibility and scalability of LED video walls align seamlessly with the dynamic needs of operation centers, providing an immersive canvas for real-time data visualization and analysis.

The Imperative of Scalable Solutions

Central to this technological revolution is the emphasis on scalable and flexible solutions. Future-proofing operation centers isn’t just about incorporating cutting-edge tech; it’s about deploying systems that effortlessly adapt to evolving demands. Scalability ensures seamless expansion of operations that doesn’t compromise functionality or require a complete rebuild of the technology that underlies your current operation center. Scalable technology in 2024 will be characterized by the seamless ability to facilitate easy information sharing and collaboration across different locations. Ultimately, scalable video wall solutions support the flexibility that allows for agile responses to changing scenarios.

The Path Forward: Embracing Change for Enhanced Business-Critical Operation Centers

Embracing these trends isn’t merely a choice – it’s a strategic imperative for organizations that endeavor to enhance security and cybersecurity, regardless of whether it’s a financial institution, an oil and gas company, or a corporate organization. Operation centers are tasked with safeguarding enterprises against countless threats. By adapting to these upcoming trends, organizations can feel equipped with the arsenal needed to stay ahead of threats and leverage opportunities.

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