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Haivision Play Pro Update: Advances, Awards, and Android!

Haivision Play Pro has been making an impact in the streaming world since its debut. This free application, developed by the creators of the SRT streaming protocol, is designed to allow broadcasters to remotely watch and create video streams from their iPhone or iPad.

However, the team at Haivision isn’t one to rest on our laurels, which is why we have some exciting updates to share about our favorite app:

Haivision Play Pro Continues to Improve Mobile Streaming

Haivision Play Pro is a free application developed by Haivision to allow users to create and watch streams over the SRT streaming protocol. Using your iPhone or iPad, you can play low-latency SRT streams at up to 4K/UHD, or use your mobile camera to capture and stream video over SRT using an internet connection over either a wifi or mobile network.

Haivision Play Pro now also supports H.264 and HEVC streams over SRT, HLS, and UDP protocols.

Haivision Play Pro

Easily watch and create video streams from anywhere – using your mobile device and an internet connection.

We also recognize, that even over distance, teamwork plays a critical part in creating and distributing quality broadcast content, which is why we have also introduced Haivision Play Pro Playmaker. Designed to help ensure that less technical broadcast professionals can easily and effectively use Play Pro, Playmaker is an online settings tool that makes it easy to configure and share app settings with your team.

Haivision Play Pro Playmaker

Get your team in the game quickly by making it easy to share settings remotely.

Recognized as NAB Show Product of the Year

Haivision Play Pro’s value to broadcasters was recently recognized by the National Association of Broadcasters, being awarded an NAB Show Product of the Year Award in the remote production category.

The NAB Show Product of the Year Awards celebrate the best in new broadcast technology. Haivision CMO Peter Maag pointed out that Haivision Play Pro fits that bill, as it “gives broadcasters around the world a simple, secure, and reliable way of providing teams with access to low latency, live video content that could previously only be viewed from a master control room or production studio.”

NAB Executive Vice President of Conventions and Business Operations Chris Brown echoed the importance of Haivision Play Pro’s impact for broadcast: “Nominees like Haivision are revolutionizing the way people experience media and entertainment.”

And soon, Haivision is ready to take that revolution a step further.

Coming to Android!

The Haivision team is excited to share that we are in the finishing stages of the Haivision Play Pro app for Android. Soon, Android users will be able to take advantage of Haivision Play Pro’s ability to create and play video streams – wherever you are!

Update: Haivision Play Pro for Android is now available on the Play Store. Download it, free, today!

Haivision Play Pro

Now available for both iOS and Android – play, monitor, and contribute SRT streams, from anywhere!

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