Haivision and EVS are partnering

EVS is Powering Remote Replay Operations for Sports Broadcast with Haivision’s Video Streaming Solutions

As announced in today’s press release, Haivision is partnering with EVS to offer broadcasters a combined solution that enables remote workflows for replay system operators.

This solution combines the strength of Haivision and EVS. Haivision’s EVS-certified Makito X series of video encoders and decoders can be used to send streams from venues equipped with EVS XT-VIA production servers, to remote replay operators using LSM-VIA controllers. And of course, thanks to the SRT streaming protocol, these streams can be sent over any network, even the public internet.

Keep reading to learn more about this partnership, and this exciting solution for broadcasters.

High Quality Solutions for High Quality Broadcasts

The EVS XT-VIA production server  and LSM-VIA controller are designed to meet the high demands of live broadcast production, with technology that delivers high quality replays and highlights, even in super slow motion. Supporting a variety of video formats, EVS was already dedicated to creating flexible solutions for broadcasters – and now working with Haivision, broadcasters can employ these high-quality replay systems in decentralized workflows where operators can work from anywhere.

With Haivision’s high quality, low latency Makito X series of video encoders and decoders, remote operators are essentially extending their broadcast multiviewer monitors beyond the event venue – allowing them to work from nearly anywhere. With the low latency of the Makito video encoders and decoders, remote replay operators can view their video assets in real-time while working the EVS LSM-VIA controller, just like they would work if they were at the location of the ESM XT-VIA server.

Moreover, the low latency workflow does not mean a sacrifice in quality. Broadcasters do not have to compromise; they can deliver top-tier quality content while leveraging the benefits of remote operations with high-quality, full frame rate video.

Secure, Reliable, Replays – Over Any Network

Haivision’s Makito X series of encoders leverages the open source SRT (Secure, Reliable, Transport) protocol, which enables users to stream high-quality, full frame rate HD and UHD video to EVS remote operators with ultra-low latency, over any network. The reliability of SRT means that EVS users don’t need to worry about dedicated connections for their streams; this remote replay solution can be set up in any venue that has an internet connection.

As more broadcasters employ remote operations as part of their live production workflows, security has become more important than ever. And with SRT’s end-to-end 128/256 bit AES encryption, broadcasters can rest assured that their content is safe from unwanted viewing.

The Future of Broadcast, Anywhere

As any sports fan will tell you, replays are an important part of the viewing experience – it allows fans to get closer to the action. Thanks to this new partnership between Haivision and EVS, broadcasters can continue to bring their fans closer to the action, while benefiting from greater flexibility in how they deploy their operators – enabling them to work from their facilities or even from home. This means that regardless of travel restrictions or event scheduling, broadcasters can employ their top talent more often.

Want to learn more about the partnership between EVS and Haivision? Read the full press release.

To learn more about EVS’ solutions, including the EVS XT-VIA, and the EVS LSM-VIA, please visit the EVS website.

Learn more about the Makito X series of video encoders and decoders, here.

Remote Production for Broadcast

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