Haivision Broadcast Transformation Report

Live Video Contribution in 2024: Remote Workflows and the Rise of SRT

Haivision’s 2024 Broadcast Transformation Report, a comprehensive survey of over 800 broadcast professionals, showed us that among many technology priorities, enabling remote production was of the utmost importance (44%). As a result, reliable and efficient ways to contribute high-quality video from anywhere are more crucial than ever.

Keep reading to learn the report’s findings on live video contribution workflows, and for a complete breakdown, check out the complete takeaways blog.


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Live Video Contribution: Remote Production Takes Center Stage

This year’s report highlights a key trend: remote production is a top technology priority for broadcasters. This shift makes live video contribution, the process of sending live video feeds from remote locations to the studio, an important foundation of the broadcast workflow.

Broadcasters Embrace a Mix of Solutions

The report reveals that broadcasters are adopting a combination of solutions for live video contribution. Hardware encoders, like the Haivision Makito X4 video encoders, remain popular (73%), offering a familiar and reliable workflow. Following hardware encoding, broadcasters reported the use of software encoding (56%), which is gaining traction due to its flexibility and scalability. Video transmitters (55%) are also used, particularly for situations needing mobility and ease of use.

H.264 Dominates, But HEVC Makes Strides

While H.264 remains the dominant codec for live video contribution (79%), the report highlights a significant rise in HEVC adoption (67%). This trend suggests broadcasters are increasingly looking to optimize bandwidth usage with HEVC’s improved efficiency.

SRT: The Reliable Transport Protocol Matures

Over the years, the SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocol has proven to be foundational for transporting live video over the internet. It offers broadcasters a secure and reliable way to transport live video feeds, even over unpredictable networks. The report shows steady adoption of SRT as broadcasters transition to IP workflows. Learn more about SRT here.

Download the Report for More Live Video Contribution Findings

The Haivision Broadcast Transformation Report 2024 offers a wealth of insights into the future of live video contribution. To explore more technology trends shaping today’s broadcast industry, download the full report here. Plus, download a copy of an infographic featuring the report’s five key takeaways here.

Haivision Live Video Contribution Solutions

Haivision’s video encoders, mobile transmitters, and other live video contribution products integrate seamlessly with SRT for a smooth and reliable workflow.

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Haivision celebrates 20 years of innovation in live video!
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Haivision celebrates 20 years of innovation in live video!