How Skandha Media Services is Powering the Biggest Global Sporting Events with Haivision

Skandha Media Services is a premium digital media services provider located in Mumbai, India that enables service providers, broadcasters, and content creators to monetize and deliver their content reliably and securely to various endpoints including OTT and mobile platforms.

We recently spoke with Skandha about how it’s leveraging Haivision solutions to provide its clients with high-quality video streams at low latency and about its overall experience working with the Haivision team.  

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How Skandha is leveraging Haivision solutions for big events

With a primary focus on live sporting events, Skandha Media Services has been transforming the way media and entertainment companies broadcast their content for almost ten years. As different clients present different challenges, Skandha takes advantage of the versatility of Haivision SRT Gateway to fit the needs of the customer by leveraging it to solve any problems or requests that may come up.  

In one case, Skandha was presented with the challenge of sending multiple feeds to multiple endpoints and platforms in several different languages during one of the biggest sporting events in the world. For this client, Skandha used SRT Gateway as a distribution router, showcasing its flexibility. 

“We were taking the streams in through SRT Gateway as the source feeds and then splitting them up to send to multiple playouts,” explains Brian Dsouza, Head of Customer Success, Skandha Media Services. “SRT Gateway enabled us to aggregate and distribute these feeds seamlessly. The solution seamlessly integrated into Skandha Media’s Live Sports Monetization Platform Solution stack enabling better flexibility, manageability, and programmatic control via API integration. SRT Gateway simplified the workflow thanks to its flexibility and scalability and because it’s also cloud agnostic, we could deploy it across multi-cloud environments.” 

One of the primary advantages Skandha found value in was the non-locking of solution or architecture for specific media cloud platforms and hence could deploy it across public and private/on-premise cloud delivery. When it comes to transporting video, Skandha uses the SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocol because of its low latency, reliability, and stability.  

“The reason we chose the SRT protocol is because we’ve worked with different protocols before and we found that SRT is accepted by almost all media eco-system solution partners and it’s equally reliable and supports low latency delivery,” said Brian. “While the other protocols are fine, SRT gives us unmatched stability and with big ticket sporting events, you can’t afford to play around with reliability and latency.” 

Skandha can rely on Haivision for exceptional customer service

Along with leveraging Haivision solutions in order to fulfill the requests of its customers, Skandha recognizes that the Haivision team is always available to aid them in making sure its clients are satisfied.

“The flexibility and agility of the Haivision team helped us deal with different scenarios that kept coming up. We deal with multiple customers, and they sometimes change things at the last minute,” said Brian. “Being able to adapt quickly so that customers are happy has a lot to do with the Haivision team. I think it’s a huge plus point.”

“Our contact at Haivision, Pradeep, was very responsive whenever we needed anything,” continued Brian. “Our overall experience with Haivision was excellent. Every time we needed something, Pradeep delivered, and this level of customer service plays a huge part in our success with these deployments.” 

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