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Haivision Pro460: Eight Features of the Latest Generation Video Transmitter You Need to Know About

The Haivision family of mobile transmitters includes a wide variety of options for contributing live video over bonded cellular networks. The Haivision Pro460 is the latest generation ultra-low latency mobile transmitter that can broadcast live multi-camera HD and pristine 4K UHD video in HDR, over 5G, bonded cellular networks, and the internet for broadcast contribution and remote production. Designed for the live production of sports, events, and newsgathering, the Pro460 offers multi-camera video encoding and transmission capabilities in one 5G-compliant solution.

Combined with Haivision StreamHub, our powerful broadcast-grade receiver, decoder, and distribution platform, users have a flexible, efficient, and complete solution for producing live premium content on-premise or in the cloud.

In this post, we’ll be looking at eight of the Pro460’s main features and benefits, and how they can help you contribute high-quality live video for your next broadcast.

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Broadcast-quality 4K UHD, HDR at low latency

The Haivision Pro460 offers H.265/HEVC encoding technology for transmitting pristine HD and 4K UHD video with very low end-to-end latency. The Pro460 also supports the widely adopted H.264/AVC video codec ensuring interoperability with multiple types of video destinations. And because it leverages Haivision’s Emmy® award-winning Safe Streams Transport (SST) cellular bonding technology, the Pro460 can transmit up to four simultaneous live HD video feeds up to 80Mbps over multiple cellular modems and networks for high-quality broadcast contribution.

In addition to four simultaneous HD feeds, the Pro460 helps broadcast professionals cover live events in full 4K UHD at up to 10-bit pixel depths and with 4:2:2 chroma subsampling. Broadcasters can also encode in High Dynamic Range (HDR) with support for both HLG and PQ for improved brightness, more detailed contrasts, and a richer range of colors.

Transmission over 5G, bonded cellular, and IP networks with SST

One of the standout features of the Pro460 is its six globally compliant 3G, 4G, and 5G cellular modems which allow high-quality video to be transmitted over bonded mobile networks. The Pro460 can also transmit over several other types of IP networks including WiFi, satellite, and the public internet, meaning video can be delivered over a bonded combination of network types for maximizing stream reliability even when there are specific challenges with a given network. In addition, dynamic network aggregation and adaptive packet retransmission optimizes the quality of service by leveraging SST, giving users peace of mind during live broadcasts.

SST is designed for streaming over aggregated networks and offers patented IP bonding technology that enables video bitrates to adapt to fluctuating network conditions, retransmit lost data packets, and securely protects content. SST can also bond cellular networks with other types of networks such as WiFi and satellite for extra bandwidth and resiliency.

The Haivision Pro460 has the distinct advantage of being able to also leverage the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol for transport over the public internet in cases where mobile networks may not be available.

IP Data Bridge

The IP Data Bridge feature allows for high-speed mobile internet connectivity from anywhere and allows users to leverage the Pro460 as an internet router using either ethernet or WiFi. Up to 10 user devices can connect to the Pro460’s local network at once, allowing users to produce live event productions from a centralized control room rather than on-site, which leads to lower costs. IP Data Bridge can also be used to remotely control IP-based devices such as PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras from a broadcast production studio.

Video returns and IFB

The Pro460 can receive high-quality HD return feeds from production studios while broadcasting live or in standby mode. Return feeds can include content such as program outs, studio feeds, or teleprompting, and can be viewed on a portable monitor connected through an HDMI output.

The Pro460 mobile transmitter also features an intercom and IFB system for two-way audio communications between on-air talent and production staff, ensuring real-time collaboration between stakeholders and the ability to adjust and make changes on the fly. An IFB or intercom headset can be connected through a mini jack.

The Haivision Pro460

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Quad HD multi-camera remote production

Combined with the SST and SRT protocols and Data Bridge, the Pro460 is the ideal contribution solution for multi-camera remote production and REMI workflows. With four frame-accurate synchronized HD feeds and support for genlock, the Pro460 offers video synchronization and lip sync across all video streams from multiple camera sources for seamless camera switching within a live production studio.

Multiple ways to monitor and control video transmissions

The Haivision Pro460 mobile transmitter features a simple-to-use intuitive touchscreen on the front of the unit for starting, stopping, and controlling video transmissions. Camera operators can easily begin broadcasting live video in as little as two taps on the native screen and monitor stream and network health from the panel. Alternatively, users can also navigate through the very simple web UI interface for the same functionality from a remote location or production truck.

Record and progressive file forward

With the Haivision Pro460, users can record UHD/HD video on an SD card and progressively forward it to post-production while storing a local copy and even broadcasting live simultaneously. The record and file forwarding feature can automatically deliver video files over any cellular or IP network to optimize turn-around time for producing promotional clips and sharing content with news agencies.

Flexible deployment

With a compact form factor, the Pro460 can be deployed in several different ways. Offered with standard V-Mount or Gold-Mount plates for mounting on cameras, the Pro460 mobile transmitter can also be attached to a compact ruggedized frame within a backpack specially designed for easy portability within even the most demanding environments.

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