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Haivision Hub: The Simplest Way to Connect Broadcast Video Through the Cloud

We are thrilled to share that our global video networking service, Haivision Hub, designed to simplify video connectivity, is now available. In this post, we’ll share more about Haivision Hub’s extensive feature set, the challenges it addresses, and the benefits of using this complete, end-to-end solution for live IP video routing. Let’s kick off this post with a primer on what exactly Haivision Hub does.

What is Haivision Hub?

In a nutshell, Haivision Hub is the fastest and easiest way to route live video into any production. Haivision Hub is an easy-to-use video network service for securely and reliably transporting live IP video from event locations to broadcast production systems on-premise or in the cloud with end-to-end, secure video routing. Offering fast start-up, integrated device control, transcoding and packaging, status, and monitoring, all from a single browser window, Haivision Hub is ideal for broadcasters and live event producers needing an on-demand low latency video contribution network for any news, sports, cultural, or corporate event.

Key Features and Benefits

As with all Haivision video solutions, Haivision Hub is built on the technology fundamentals of security and reliability, low latency, and broadcast-quality video. Key capabilities include:

  • On-Demand Access to Low Latency Routing: Secure transport of live content on demand, for high quality contribution at anytime from anywhere you need it.
  • Easy Point & Click Route Building: Build routes quickly with an intuitive workflow that lets you focus on your routes, and not complex lists of input and output IP addresses and ports.
  • Broad Protocol Support: Leverage the most common video streaming protocols for flexibility when bringing live video content in from the field and out into your downstream workflows.
  • Makito X4 Pairing & Control: Simplify management and streaming for your contribution encoders in the field.
  • Hublets: At the core of the Haivision Hub workflow are Hublets, the building blocks of your cloud routes. With Hublets, you specify regions and settings, connect inputs to transcoding and outputs, and Haivision Hub takes care of the rest.
  • All-in-one Management: Manage your entire routing workflow – ingest, device control, transcoding, route status, and egress – all from within a single browser window.
  • High-quality, Low Latency Video with SRT: Secure, reliable transport across the video network backbone from a proven open-source protocol endorsed by hundreds of industry-leading organizations worldwide.
Haivision Hub Production Anywhere

Fuel production anywhere with agile live video

Read the Haivision Hub datasheet for more details.

Why You Should Choose Haivision Hub

For broadcasters and content producers looking to cover live events, whether it’s news, sports, cultural or corporate, Haivision Hub offers an intuitive and agile solution to simplify video connectivity. Live events are challenging enough to cover, but when they are happening beyond your city, state, or even country – the challenge to get the content from the field into production is exponentially more complex and potentially costly in terms of deploying the resources needed to bring these events to life. With its global reach and on-demand scalability, Haivision Hub leverages an advanced cloud microservices architecture to transport your live content from the field to production resources, securely, and with high quality video.

Haivision Hub automatically sets up your video network infrastructure, where and when you need it, to transport the live video feeds into your workflow so that you focus on your production instead of grappling with the complexities of IP addresses, URLs, and ports. Initiate live contribution feeds from encoders at remote venues from anywhere and benefit from cost-effective IP video networking connectivity to route live video into your broadcast equipment – wherever it’s located.

Most importantly, Haivision Hub is simple to use, enabling fast and easy point-and-click route building which saves time, and virtually eliminates errors. A secure, all-in-one broadcast contribution solution that allows you to centrally manage your entire video contribution network, Haivision Hub ensures that you never miss a moment of your high-value live event content.

“The beauty of the Haivision Hub cloud solution integrated within the unique broadcast services delivered through our network is that it offers our EBU broadcasters the flexibility to do more interviews and create more custom feeds to meet increasing demand for tailored content without staff having to travel to the sports venue.”
Franck Choquard, Head of Content and Platforms, Eurovision Sport at EBU.

To learn more about how Eurovision Sport successfully deployed Haivision Hub for custom remote production of the European Aquatics Championships read the blog post.

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