Haivision Hub: Introducing Remote Makito Appliance Management and More!

Haivision Hub introduces remote Makito appliance management and live video routing over the internet, private IP networks, and the cloud. 

Since its initial introduction, Haivision Hub has been empowering decentralized workflows for remote contribution and live production, all over the world. As a cloud-based SaaS solution, Haivision Hub enables broadcasters and live media producers to route high-quality SRT video streams, in H.264 and HEVC, from one place to another at very low latency. From a single browser window, users can create, modify, and expand live production workflows and collaborate in real-time.

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Appliance Management from the Cloud

With the latest release of Haivision Hub, users can now easily configure, monitor, and control all their Haivision edge devices including Makito video encoders, video decoders, and Haivision SRT Gateways no matter where they are located. Makito X and X4 encoders and decoders can be remotely configured for codec, video resolution, framerates, audio settings, and more.

Route Live Video Over Any Network

 Haivision Hub can be used to create live video streams by connecting a Makito encoder to a decoder, at low latency, over the internet or a private IP network. Video can also be routed to Haivision Hub’s cloud-native stream networking and low latency processing engines including video transcoding for HEVC video optimization and ABR cascades for CDN delivery. The possibilities for creating video routes, across any type of network and the cloud, are endless.

Haivision Hub Appliance Management

Complete Control for Broadcasters from a Single Screen

In addition, Haivision Hub also includes real-time data and statistics on the performance of all encoding and decoding appliances as well as the video routes. From a single browser window, broadcasters and video producers can have a complete view of their video network, from edge to edge, including preview thumbnails for inputs, video processing, and outputs. Any potential issues can be immediately identified and remedied through remote configuration of appliances and streams.

Haivision Hub Data and Statistics

Easily Remap, Mix, and Filter Audio Streams

Also new to Haivision Hub is an audio processing engine enabling real-time mixing and mapping of audio streams which can then be assigned to different video content destinations. This is especially useful for distributing live sports content where each regional destination shares the main event audio stream, but with local language commentary.

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