Makito MX1 Rugged

Haivision Makito MX1 Rugged: Good Things Come in Small Packages

Last month, Haivision announced the new and extremely small Makito MX1 Rugged. And already, the SWaP optimized, low latency, HD video encoder has been attracting attention for use in embedded ISR sensors, datalinks, and mission systems. Making its debut at DSEI, the Makito MX1 Rugged was presented with a Best of Show award for its combination of powerful video encoding and a small form factor.

In this blog post, we will review some of the high-level features of the Makito MX1 Rugged.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

The Makito MX1 is remarkably small, both in terms of size and requirements. The board itself only weighs 45g (less than 1.6 oz), consumes less than 8 watts of power, and is roughly the size of a credit card (see photo below). This makes it ideal for integration within lightweight portable platforms, vehicles, drones, cameras/sensors, radios/datalinks, and wearable technology.

Makito MX1 Rugged Size Comparison with a quarter

The Makito MX1 Rugged, both full chassis and OEM board, with a quarter for scale.

Even in its ruggedized enclosure, the Makito MX1 Rugged is only about the size of a deck of cards. This ruggedized chassis ensures that it is suitable for ISR deployments, while still being both small and lightweight enough to be wearable by mission personnel.

But perhaps even more impressive than the small size of the Makito MX1 Rugged is the large amount of encoding power it has.

Mission-Ready Encoding

The Makito MX1 Rugged is a flexible and reliable solution for ISR and real-time situational awareness. It offers flexible video, from SD to HD, and its dual encoding cores can encode H.264 and HEVC simultaneously. And with Network Adaptive Encoding, this low-latency video encoder uses bandwidth efficiently, allowing teams to respond in real-time to mission-critical full motion video, even over constrained networks.

Haivision’s newest ruggedized video encoder is MISB/STANAG compliant, and can insert, aggregate, and filter KLV metadata streams (either synchronous or asynchronous) from multiple sources. This not only ensures interoperability within integrated ISR systems, but also the optimal use of available bandwidth.

The Makito MX1 Rugged video encoder successfully combines small form factor, powerful encoding, and compliance with standards to provide high quality streams to downstream systems, ensuring the best possible real-time situational awareness with full-motion video.

Click here to learn more about the Makito MX1 Rugged and to request a datasheet.

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