The Definitive Guide to Haivision Video Encoder Technology & Hardware

Compare the features of Haivision’s different encoders, transcoders, and decoders for high-quality, low-latency video streaming. Explore customer implementations from companies like LinkedIn and BMW.

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A Complete Overview of Haivision’s Encoders, Transcoders, and Decoders

This guide gives readers a complete overview of Haivision’s encoders, transcoders, and decoders. It presents the different hardware available in the Makito X and KB series, including a comparison of features. This guide also includes customer success stories to help demonstrate how Haivision’s hardware can help organizations deliver high-quality, low-latency video over any network.

In this white paper, learn about:

An overview of our award-winning Makito X and KB series

Successful customer implementations

How our hardware provides low latency over long distances

The advantages of network adaptive encoding