Multi-Site:The New Megachurch

Multi-Site: The New Megachurch

Learn how multi-site churches are using video streaming to reach remote or temporary locations, anywhere across the globe.

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Video solutions for multi-site church streaming

The use of HD video streaming technologies is a growing trend that can connect multiple campuses together, under a shared worship experience. With more than 5,000 multi-site churches in North America, many ministries have found the right video solution that creates that unique experience, tailored to their community. The bottom line is that while video is the backbone of this experience, the most important goal is sharing your message with your other locations.

In this webinar, learn about:

Multi-Site Streaming

Learn how to use video streaming technology to help spread your message to satellite campuses.

New Solutions

Take a close look at Haivision’s streaming solutions for multi-site worship.

Case study

Hear how Redemption Church successfully streams its message to multiple campuses.