Low latency Streaming over Unreliable Networks

Low Latency Streaming Over Unreliable Networks

Learn about the latest technologies for high quality, low latency contribution in broadcast and internet streaming workflows.

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New technologies for low latency video transport and bandwidth optimization

See how Haivision’s Makito X Series of encoders and decoders can help you overcome the challenges of unpredictable network conditions in remote video transport. You’ll learn how to adapt your streams to fluctuating bandwidth, which is common with mobile productions over LTE networks and public internet or satellite links affected by weather.

In this webinar, learn about:

Low Latency Streaming with SRT

Learn how the SRT open source protocol provides an alternative to existing proprietary technologies with complex business models.

Network Adaptive Encoding

See how new technologies can help you adapt to bandwidth fluctuations and automatically adjust the video bitrate so your stream never fails.

Award-Winning Encoding Tech

Understand why Haivision’s Makito X Series of H.264 and HEVC encoders and decoders continue to be the industry’s first choice for low latency video transport over any network.