Accelerating Broadcast Production in the Microsoft Azure Ecosystem

Learn more about how Al Jazeera, Avid, Haivision and Net Insight are leveraging SRT and cloud broadcast services to accelerate production in the Microsoft Azure ecosystem.

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Leveraging SRT and Cloud Broadcast Services to Accelerate Production in the Microsoft Azure Ecosystem

Watch this panel session recorded at NAB Show 2019 to discover how industry leaders Avid, Al Jazeera, Microsoft and Net Insight are trailblazing with the help of SRT in their stream and file workflows.

Gain deeper insight into how the SRT open source protocol is helping to solve some of their biggest pain points and learn more about secure, reliable, global media routing in the cloud with Haivision’s brand new offering, SRTHub.

In this video, learn about:

The SRT Open Source Protocol

Discover the benefits that SRT offers for video workflows and learn more about its widespread adoption.

Real World Use Cases

Learn from Microsoft Azure ecosystem partners and end users about the development and implementation of SRT-based stream and file workflows that address their biggest pain points.


Get the low-down on Haivision’s latest offering, SRTHub, a cloud service that helps broadcasters securely and reliably transport, and transform, live content and files using low-cost internet connections and the global Azure network.