SRT Webinar

Achieving low latency, reliable video streaming with SRT

Learn how to improve your video workflows with open source SRT for broadcast and streaming applications.

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Learn how the SRT Alliance is expanding
the streaming media ecosystem

Find out more about the collaborative development of SRT, an open source video transport protocol that enables the delivery of high-quality and secure, low-latency video across the public Internet.

With over 20 members that have joined the SRT Alliance, including Harmonic, Brightcove and Limelight, we’d like to give you an update about the alliance, tell you more about open source SRT and address some of your questions. There will be a Q&A at the end of the webinar, so make sure to stay tuned until the end.

In this webinar, learn about:

The SRT Alliance

Since its launch at NAB, the SRT Alliance has made significant progress towards standardizing SRT as the de facto video streaming standard. Learn about its current status, its latest developments and upcoming events.

Benefits of open source SRT

Learn more about the SRT protocol and the Github community.

Joining SRT Alliance

Learn how you can get on board and improve your live video streaming workflows by joining the SRT Alliance and by using open source SRT in your video video workflows with the support of the Github community.