Created on November 10, 2016

KB Internet Media Encoder/Transcoder

Learn how the KB Internet Media Encoder and Transcoder provides you with multiple options for live event streaming, helping you deliver the highest quality live video to your global Internet audience.



Hi. I’m Blake. Haivision Product Manager for KB. And I’d like to introduce KB 5.0, the leading internet streaming encoder. KB 5.0 is the evolution of Kulabyte and has been leading the industry for the last 10 years, and for good reason.

It’s easy enough to use for the novice, but it also provides advanced configurations fit for the broadcasting professional. Leveraging best practices for internet streaming, the new and advanced web UI simplifies configuration of adaptive bitrate streams, streaming protocols, and events scheduling.

After logging into KB, the first thing you’ll see is the channel control center. Here you’ll be able to start and stop channels and trigger a recording of archives. See how much of your bandwidth, CPU, memory, and storage is being used at any given time.

Click add channel to open the wizard and quickly set up your first channel. Encoder templates allow you to set up an entire adaptive bitrate cascade with just a few clicks. The streaming protocols you select will automatically be mapped. Double clicking on any channel will bring up the channel configuration page, allowing you to customize any portion of the workflow. To do so, just double click on any component you need to change.

To schedule an event, click on the event schedule icon, add a schedule, and select the time. There’s also an option for weekly recurring events. Haivision can provide all the components needed for internet streaming separately or altogether as a powerful end-to-end managed service partner.

There’s so much more to learn about KB. If you’re ready to take your internet streaming to the next level, visit and contact us for more information. Thanks for watching.