HIPAA-Compliant Streaming for Medical Education.


The University of Toledo opened the Interprofessional Immersive Simulation Center to provide a safe place where healthcare students can practice patient care, train and conduct medical research.

It was important that the university provide advanced visual technologies so that students could see surgical and training procedures up close.

3D and virtual reality

An important aspect for the center would be the ability to watch live procedures, as well as use 3D and virtual immersive reality technologies.

The main goal of integrating video into the curriculum was to drive collaboration throughout the center and ultimately produce graduates who excel in patient care, safety and medical research.

“Haivision gives us the ability to bring in more than 65 live video streams that can be recorded and captured anytime in HD so that students could watch live from anywhere in the facility.”

Devon TinderingtonDesign Engineer - AVI-SPL


Media management

The University selected AVI-SPL as the primary integrator to help create a cohesive technology solution for the center. AVI-SPL worked closely with Haivision’s video streaming and media management solutions to distribute HD video at the lowest possible latency throughout the facility.

Record multiple sources

Using Haivision Media Platform’s recording, management and distribution platform, students and professors can record multiple video sources at the same time, share the videos securely, and assign metadata during the recordings for future review of the most important moments.

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Pristine video images

Haivision’s technology allows students and teachers to share surgical and healthcare training procedures to auditoriums and classrooms throughout the facility. Haivision Makito X video encoders make sure the video images are pristine by delivering twice the quality HD video using the same level of bandwidth.

Live training sessions

The Haivision Media Platform ensures that all live training sessions and simulations are captured for review. By leveraging clinical simulation, 3D visualization technologies and video streaming in the training curriculum, the university can prepare students for the safest possible clinical care of real patients.

About University of Toledo Interprofessional Immersive Simulation Center

The University of Toledo’s Interprofessional Immersive Simulation Center trains healthcare professionals and students from multiple disciplines to improve the quality of patient care using advanced 3D visualization tools and video collaboration systems.