The Mary Kay Fashion Cam delivers the first live 360-degree VR experience from The CMA Awards Red Carpet


Today, country is America’s most popular music genre and The CMA Awards is the most recognized achievement ceremony for any country music devotee. A key highlight for fans is watching their favorite artists walk the red carpet in glamorous attire.

A Virtual Red Carpet Experience

To celebrate The 50th Annual CMA Awards Anniversary, sponsor Mary Kay planned something special. They wanted to bring The CMA Awards Red Carpet to life and allow online audiences to experience the event, as if in person. Having never done anything
like this before, Mary Kay needed a high quality and fail proof video solution that would allow them to stream The CMA Awards Red Carpet live, in 360-degree virtual reality (VR), to thousands of viewers online.

The YouTube Live 4K stream would give fans an enchanting, virtual experience of what it is like to walk the Red Carpet and brush shoulders with celebrities and artists.

“Haivision’s technology and support for streaming our VR 360 event was incredible. The Haivision 4K encoder and the Nokia OZO camera create a reliable and high quality workflow, giving online audiences an immersive experience”

Christine Clark Thinkingbox - SDBP

High Quality VR Experiences

To make The 50th Annual CMA Awards a night to remember, Mary Kay turned to Thinkingbox, a leading global creative and digital production studio.

To power The CMA Awards Mary Kay Fashion Cam live stream, ThinkingBox used the Nokia OZO, a professional VR camera, and Haivision’s KB 4K HEVC/H.264 Encoder to stream to YouTube Live. The KB 4K Encoder/Transcoder features hardware accelerated HEVC encoding to fuel the highest quality streaming events, supporting up to 4K H.264/HEVC viewing.

Trusted for the highest quality immersive 360 VR internet streaming experiences, Haivision’s KB 4K Encoder features HEVC to deliver the highest resolution video to global internet audiences and is also Nokia OZO certified.

Streaming to YouTube Live

In the live video workflow, the 8 cameras of the Nokia OZO are aggregated by OZO Live video processing software and delivered to the Haivision KB 4K Encoder as 2050 x 1890 resolution stereoscopic (3D) video. The Haivision 4K Encoder encodes the video and streams directly to YouTube Live. Viewers can enjoy an engaging red carpet experience as if they were standing right in the action by watching on YouTube’s HTML5 Video Player which supports 3D VR 360 playback.

Solution components

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Over 31,000 Online Viewers

With Thinkingbox, Haivision and the Nokia OZO camera, The CMA Awards Mary Kay Fashion Cam was successfully streamed to online audiences using the public internet. Viewers could now virtually experience the celebrated event, as if standing right in the heart of The CMA Awards Red Carpet.

The CMA Awards Mary Kay Fashion Cam also helped promote Mary Kay’s ‘I Can’ campaign, which empowers and inspires women to live the life of their dreams. As part of the campaign, artists on The CMA Awards Red Carpet signed a wall, which was later auctioned off to benefit the CMA Foundation, a charitable organization aimed at promoting music education in the United States.

The CMA Awards Mary Kay Fashion Cam had nearly 31,000 viewers on YouTube. To watch the recording of The CMA Awards Mary Kay Fashion Cam, visit the CMA Awards website. To learn more about how Haivision and Nokia OZO achieve the 360 VR experience, read our new white paper.

About The CMA Awards and Mary Kay

Recognized worldwide as “Country Music’s Biggest Night™,” The CMA Awards represents the highest accolades for those in the country music industry, including artists, musicians, producers, publishers, songwriters, video directors, and industry executives. To celebrate, sponsor Mary Kay hosted a 360-degree virtual reality (VR) Fashion Cam live from The 50th Annual CMA Awards Red Carpet.