Redemption Church Connects their Congregation with Live and On-Demand HD Video Using Haivision Connect DVR.


Having embraced technology as a way to connect their multi-site church, Redemption Church was looking to upgrade their video networking, publishing and management infrastructure.

They wanted to work with a company that could offer them an end-to-end solution, from encoding to playout. They also had fairly complex requirements.

Multi-site church

As a multi-site church, the solution needed to be able to connect the congregation no matter where the Senior Pastor gave his sermon. This would require time-slipped delivery of the sermon to their main campus, satellite campuses and live streaming to online viewers, offering on demand content.

They also needed a solution to easily publish on social media accounts and other video platforms and get the proper reporting to better understand what their members wanted. To top off a long list of requirements, they were looking for a company who could provide 24/7 support and workflows where their non-IT volunteers could manage video play out.

“We were impressed with Haivison’s commitment. Not only did their solutions meet or exceed our needs, their after sales care and support went above and beyond. They have been more than just an IT company – they are partners in our success.”

Robert Cuyar IT Director - Redemption Church

Live sermon from anywhere

Redemption Church reached out to Haivision’s Internet Media Services team who were able to create a solution to meet their complex challenges. With Haivision’s portable KB Mini encoder, the Senior Pastor can easily stream his live sermon from any remote campus over the internet.

Using the Haivision Connect DVR cloud-based service, Redemption Church is able to deliver live interactive or time-delayed sharing of the worship experience to the main campus, satellite campuses and online audience worldwide.

Video content accessibility

The Haivision Video Cloud makes sure video plays on any device, so home viewers of Redemption’s i.Church can watch on their iPad, iPhone or PC without needing to download extra software. This was a major plus for the team at Redemption Church who had concerns about video content accessibility.

Haivision also helped define and set-up reporting to give them insight which they didn’t have before, allowing them to refocus their efforts on creating engaging content.

diagram Redemption Church


Simple publishing workflow

Redemption Church is impressed with the results of using Haivision’s end-to-end solution. They are able to deliver more video content to their members, including daily live video sermons, Ron Carpenter Network live 24/7 video stream and more.

The Haivision Video Cloud also allows them to set-up publishing workflows to manage their massive library of content, making it simple to get more video across various channels with the appropriate tagging and descriptions.

90,000 viewers

With Haivision Connect DVR, Redemption Church is able to bring Pastor Ron’s sermon to their satellite campuses in full HD. The time shift feature allows remote campuses to cue up the feed and make it seem as if the message is coming in live.

With Haivision’s 24/7 support, the team at Redemption Church can focus on what they do best, sharing a positive message of faith, community and wellbeing to their followers. Using Haivision’s full end-to-end video streaming solution, Redemption Church had 90,000 viewers and 320,000 unique plays in 2016.

About Redemption

Led by Pastor Ron Carpenter Jr., Redemption is a mega-church located in Greenville, South Carolina. Over the last 25 years, Redemption has expanded their ministry with six satellite campuses throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and in the Dominican Republic. Redemption also has an extended presence in other cities in the United States and across the world with their innovative i.Church online ministry. An innovator, Redemption has changed the way people worship, connect with their congregation and give back to their community.

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